Lacrimal Sea: “Flame” – tonally and stylistically urgent!

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Lacrimal Sea is a musical project that brings together singer (Marcello); Music & Lyrics (Iskar D’Abrel); Producer (Patrick Stateman); Mixing & Mastering (Brent Kolatalo) and artwork by Sergey Gribanov. The name of the project originates from the science fiction/fantasy novels by Iskar D’Abrel. It is a magical sea with one of its halves serene, and the other, wild and unpredictable. It is meant to symbol the entire human experience.

Cover artwork

Lacrimal Sea is a unique band, whose members also make terrific music outside of this project. Hence I was attracted to their latest single, “Flame”. As can be expected, the quality of the musicianship and writing are top notch. This band evokes a dark mystery and depth into their music that is extremely catchy and accessible, yet anything but mainstream.

It is too bad that the public at large is probably still so unaware of bands like this and are instead subjected to the pop on the radio that is mundane and boring. I prefer to seek out a quality band like Lacrimal Sea that keeps my interest and takes me on a journey.

This track strikes me as a fascinating (in a very intense, delightful way) blend of 70s progressive rock, early 80s art-rock, and finally, some subtle bows to 21st century radio rock.

The artwork and the lyrical themes are really progressive, as they speak about inner struggles, relationships and all is perfectly integrated with the music and the catchy atmosphere created by this band that besides the super vocals, counts on a skilled guitarist, a driven bassist, a great drummer and an excellent keyboardist.

Iskar D’ Abrel

Life is crowded and there are domineering people everywhere. It can be tempting to lose ourselves in others’ needs and desires. However, we all have a right and a duty to remain true. And if we see something lacking in ourselves, we have a responsibility to grow.

Lacrimal Sea asks many questions on the subject, and make a definitive statement: “I wanna rise to heaven. Need to breathe in heaven. But I got stuck with a flameless heart. Spread your rays before me. Take me inside, heaven. Lift me like she couldn’t, with a flame of real love. Imaginary friend in the mind of a girl. Grow up lil’ babe and we can go to heaven.”

Iskar D’Abrel’s contribution to the song has created an emotional sphere that thoroughly surrounds the track, pushing it into profound areas. The guitar work is exceptional. Most of the riffs and motifs are repeated until Lacrimal Sea are sure the melody has sunk in and absorbed the listener in their persistent churning.


Marcello’s vocals are, as always emotive and expressive, and things hit atmospheric heights in the choruses. He is simply a major driving force in the band’s sound. The defining feature of this track and of Lacrimal Sea itself, really are the interplay between the guitar lines, the synths and Marcello’s incredible vocals, drawing powerful comparisons to some legendary rock bands.

On “Flame”, Iskar D’Abrel’s writing tends towards the more tonally and stylistically urgent, complementing the lyrical theme and energized vocals, while always retaining the identifying aspects of his expansive and progressive style.

In fact, the atmospheric, ethereal clean guitar sections are all the more effective contrasted with the harsher, heavier riff heavy sections, supplemented by synths and keys. The first 60 seconds of this track already showcases everything that’s so beloved about the rock genre when it is done right – from the writing and playing, to the singing and the production – Lacrimal Sea is a project that is totally on point. Period.


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