Dub Haiku carve out their own graceful style of timeless reggae music

09 Feb 2018 by staff in Reviews
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Combining reggae with the sounds of dub, fusion, and modern jam bands, Dub Haiku formed in Lyons, Colorado in 2016. The band consists of original members Garrison Schulte (keyboards, melodica & vocals), Alex Kohler (drums), Garrett Long (guitar & vocals), Alex Bullen (bass guitar) and Aaron Rovenger (guitar). Their self-released, self-titled EP, was recorded just months after their lineup solidified and demonstrates their original songwriting and dedication to the genre. Throughout the entire EP, bass lines and guitar licks are crisp and clean, while the melodies are elegantly crafted in this thoughtful well defined package.

Influenced by everything from the mainstream popularity of Bob Marley to California feel music to even a bit of rock, this collection of songs, fully holds up the signature sound this genre has been engraving in fan’s ears since its humble beginnings to its worldwide dominance.

The EP grabs the listener’s attention the second you hit play and let the first few chords of the opening track “Crazy World” fill the room’s atmosphere. The vocalist embraces a melodic, soulful voice on slow-burning beat that instantly gives the listener a taste of just about everything that this recording holds in store for them.

Whether it’s a snazzy beat of drums or some great catchy guitar and keyboard riffs, it all comes in a completed bowed package waiting to be unwrapped. Listeners will find themselves bobbing in their seats and humming along to the melody of “Livity” with its chilled out beat.

For being a band so into creating a vibe, Dub Haiku’s attention to detail is impeccable. And this is what makes the band stand out from the rest of the Reggae groups. They have a sound that is crisp and clean on “One Day Maybe”. Everything just seems to fit beautifully in the songs and there’s a perfect balance between the instruments.

No unnecessary vocal flare or obnoxious drumming. In fact Alex Kohler (drums) does an awesome job behind the kit, keeping the traditional reggae shuffle feel in the songs without ever overstepping the line of extravagance. The guitars too, play a dominant part in the dynamics and depth of the music.

The vocals again does a great job on “Wildfire”, with the guitars delivering lots of variation in thick contrasting tones. However, one of the coolest parts of this song is Alex Bullen on the bass. Steadily throbbing in the background, he pushes the song along incredibly well.

Like I said before, everything just fits in the balance, and just flows. Awesome song. As soon as you press play on this elf-titled EP, you are officially a passenger on a picturesque journey. From the opening bars of the first song to the closing bars of the last, Dub Haiku’s sound takes a hold of your soul, and brings you to a place that only breeds a sense of positivity.

From the thick and heavy bass lines, to the crisp timing of the drums, and the shimmering guitar work, this recording forces you to move with the rhythm at each turn of the track. Throughout this EP, there are plenty of surprises that will bring out superior spirits and emotions in listeners, while Dub Haiku carve out their own graceful style of timeless reggae music.