Temperature Falls Release The Video For Their Latest Single “1-2-3”

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The sound and atmosphere of Temperature Falls is built around somewhat gritty, blended organic-electronic sounding tracks that hearken the listener back to earlier times. Their latest track, ‘1-2-3’, is a seductive track that pulls the listener in with an eerie melody, sultry vocals and an ethereal reverberating atmosphere. Mixed beautifully, this is the perfect example of what to expect from this indie trip-hop/alternative rock duo from Oslo, Norway, made up of vocalist/lyricist Camilla, and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward.

‘1-2-3’ is a gorgeous, melancholic song that is heart wrenchingly beautiful. Temperature Falls is one of those bands that are absolutely necessary for every collection. I loved their previous single “Zuzu’s Petals” the first time I hit play and I now love ‘1-2-3’ it in its entirety. It is another genre-bending release from Temperature Falls that satisfies the senses with luscious and colorful sounds, which captivates to the fullest.

Complex yet accessible, rhythmic and groove-inducing, sustained synths, jangling guitars, throbbing basslines, layered percussion, beguiling vocals, and infectious song structures are all par for the Temperature Falls course. Camilla’s performance peaks on ‘1-2-3’ the rapturous track with its twirling synths and stone-cold slow groove pulling at her in equal measure, drawing out a performance that epitomizes what is most exceptional about this project’s sound.

Camilla’s voice is outlined by the beat, crowned with Ian J. Ward’s emotional, mesmeric musical arrangement. ‘1-2-3’ is both organic and synthetic to the point where the distinctions lose all traction, where they come apart irreconcilably in the mysterious magnetism of the music. ‘1-2-3’ sounds impeccable on all fronts. For a record that is so lush, it’s remarkably visceral. The song is immaculately layered, as the subtle details drive the music along. It’s constantly evolving. Some songs are so well made that they make you appreciate the senses you use to experience them. ‘1-2-3’ is one of those songs.


Brand new artist Nuumelody spreads a powerful message on her latest hit “BODY”

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Brand new artist Nuumelody goes out of the way to spread a powerful and empowering message about embracing yourself in her latest hit “BODY”. Her voice sounds assured and strong. With this song album, she confirms her position as a vocalist to watch in the coming months. Blending a mix of rhythmic groove, smart lyrics and soulful vocals, Nuumelody deftly displays the maturity and self-confidence that she has developed since her recording debut.

Having already worked with a variety of accomplished producers, Nuumelody showcases a smooth range of emotion and mood on “BODY”, produced by Defstarz that reveals the heart and soul of her craft.

The track is rounded out by an array of sensual, sexy nuances, which especially adds spice to the visual available for viewing on YouTube. What a journey this woman is on, and the fact that she’s independent means she’s probably recording what she wants and let me tell you, it’s beautiful.

Nuumelody is cornering her lane: shooting from the hip sonically while using her music as a gateway to put her full abilities on display as a performer, in creative music videos and electrifying recording sets.

She is working tirelessly to prove just how worthy she is of estimation without so much as breaking a sweat. She’s sounds comfortable in her growing womanhood and the power that comes with that, and on “BODY” she is reaching out to her sisters and telling them to accept and truly be themselves.

The themes of positivity and empowerment suit her well, and this is the type of message we need to hear right now. “BODY” is about figuring out who you are and learning to love yourself exactly as you are. Bursting with admirable sentiments, it’s consistently admirable, highly enjoyable, and absolutely essential. Nuumelody smartly brings it all together here!

Connect with Nuumelody on INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE.

Freder Seric drops the Video for the motivational summer track – “Ocean”

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Are you tired of the winter? Hear some fresh motivational summer vibes by Freder Seric now! In the song “Ocean” you will hear about the aspirations of having a dream life. And no matter how much you achieve, you always want to achieve more.

Freder Seric is a 32 year old male German rapper with over 20 years’ experience in song writing. “Ocean” is his first Studio Single and the Studio Album “Chase Your Dreams” will come out soon on all streaming platforms.

Freder Seric currently works as a very successful software developer after he finished his Master’s degree in applied computer science. After his parents died in 2019 Freder Seric decided to chase his dreams of making music people will hear.

Connect with Freder Seric:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7jzN1t
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/de/album/1497
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/album/129266612
Napster: https://www.napster.com/artist/freder
All Streaming Platforms: https://spinnup.link/289666-ocean
Subscribe to my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/frederseric?s
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frederseric/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/frederseric
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FrederSeric/
SnapChat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/frederseric

The Golden Cage Society Release The Video for “Mira el mar” From Their Mini EP “Mira”

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The Golden Cage Society Release their Mini EP “Mira” on the 27th of February

Have you ever been lost in a piece of music before? The kind of lost where you are beamed off into another plane of existence and brought to bittersweet musical bliss with every crescendo? When you take a dip into the mysteriously mesmerizing world of The Golden Cage Society, you’re not just sinking back into an otherworldly trip of rich soundscapes and mystical storytelling; you’re taking a step into the raw, untamed mind of a genuine artist that elegantly paints a picture of life in all its ugly glory.

Fusing sophisticated song progressions with grandiose instrumental build ups, catchy melodies and paradigm shifting life observations; The Golden Cage Society are here to strike that perfect balance between infectious, pop-rock-perfection and boundary pushing experimentation. The thoughtful three-piece are currently launching into the musical stratosphere with their debut mini EP “Mira” (release date Feb. 7th 2020). Though only bearing two songs, the release is a genre-bending journey across twelve minutes of jaw-dropping musical prowess and tasteful, stylistic song worlds. Opener track “Mira el mar” whisks listeners away on a magical music trip around the sound pallet.

From Spanish influenced flamenco interludes, to epic rock-dripped euphoria, contagiously soaring choruses and screeching, frantic peaks; the song keeps you on the edge of your seat whilst eloquently revealing a story of lost love and eventual freedom from self-imposed restrictions.

The second track “Howls” questions why humans do the things that they do and the cry for deeper meaning that comes with every action we take. Brimming with ethereal guitar lines, hazy, atmospheric soundscapes and unforgettably earth-shattering crescendos; the art-rock piece itself is a howl for the desire to spread wisdom and perfectly-practiced, beautiful melodies to the world. Based out of Leipzig, Germany, The Golden Cage Society is the brainchild of lifetime artist, musician and songwriter Lutz Leukhardt. He previously ran the award winning group “Dante’s Dream” that saw some serious success in their day.

Some of the bands notable highlights include: touring as far a Haagse Pop Week, Berlin and Amsterdam, getting featured on the video game “Rock Band”, writing the title song “Gamers Unite” for an early Gamescom convention and even getting praised on their work by Billy Talent. The Golden Cage Society was formed in 2018, with the name being inspired by the scars and restrictions left behind by the darker shades of life such as prejudice, fear of commitment, existential dread and eternal longing.

WEBSITE: www.thegoldencagesociety.com
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/thegoldencagesociety/
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/thegoldencagesociety
BANDCAMP: www.thegoldencagesociety.bandcamp.com
SOUNDCLOUD: www.soundcloud.com/user-673989137

Second Choice – “Stuck in a nightmare” ft. Nadja Fridström presented with jaw dropping atmosphere

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Second Choice is the title of a solo project that started in 2010, it was rested for a couple of years and revived in 2019 when Second Choice revived started collaborating with different singers. Since summer he has collaborated with Nadja Fridström who also is a singer songwriter. Second Choice usually composes the music and takes care of the production, while Nadja handles the lyrics and vocals.

The latest song from the collaboration, is entitled “Stuck in a nightmare”, and the idea behind it was to see if they could combine heavy metal with a horror movie soundtrack. The video was made to enhance that feeling. It’s all at once sinister, beautiful, complex, lush, dark, hypnotic, and so grand in musical scope that I don’t know how they will follow this up but I’ll be dying to see.

There’s so much here that is both familiar and new but presented with jaw dropping atmosphere and skill. It takes a few listens to let it soak in, but once it hits you, you can’t let go. “Stuck in a nightmare” sounds inspired and not overwritten despite its technical prowess. I found Second Choice’ video of this track on YouTube and was fascinated from the first. I was entranced by the entire production: the vocals, drums, and ambient sounds are all exceptional.

The production value on “Stuck in a nightmare” is outstanding; you can hear so many levels of sound – it is truly sonically riveting. I especially like Nadja Fridström — she has a great voice range and awesome connection to the performance, helping this song transport you to another place in another time. In a world of pop and rap music, this is the music that many have been longing for.

This entire record and video, from the very first sound, touches something deep inside you. Something primal in your heart thumps and sings with the dark theatrical and mesmerizing performance. There is very little else like this around currently. Undoubtedly, Second Choice’s music is a vehicle for primal expressions. It speaks volumes to those who want to listen to music from the heart and soul of the composer and singer.


Award-winning Mario Marco Farinato Releases The Video for “Perchè”

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Mario Marco Farinato winner of SanRemo Rock 2019 and Tienilpalco 2019 presents his latest video, “Perchè” completely created in cartoon animation, with music produced on a Linux audio system for a lower environmental impact. The video was completely produced on second-hand laptops, to reduce impact on the environment. “I believe in a world where there is equality, participation and awareness, in memory of the victims of Australia’s recent Wildfires,” says Farinato.

“The video has been produced with rubbish from Xmas package, toilet paper and recycled paper on a laptop running on battery, to reduce our environmental impact,” continues the award-winning multi-instrumentalist. “We also have a cooperative for musicians which distribute on blockchain, for info, see our website.”

Mario Marco Farinato is a music and video producer working on alternative media software in order to reduce our impact on this planet. A staunch campaigner for social and fair justice issues, he has published books on environmental issues, collaborates with international artists, and is also an award-winning photographer.


Ervin Mitchell drops the official music video for ‘Break The Internet’

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Emerging rap star Ervin Mitchell reminds us to “count our blessings every day” in the official music video to ‘Break The Internet’.

On the track, Ervin Mitchell proves that he is a master at his craft of writing. I also love his style when it comes to his vocal and rapping abilities. His sound is different, laidback, almost melancholic in a way.

The track is a beautiful character study that will make you consider the importance of social media, the problem of money, and the meaning of life in general. In a world full of meaningless music, it’s always great to find a track that’s profound and encourages you to reflect.

Like any successful artist, Ervin Mitchell has obviously figured out his strengths and weaknesses, because he only plays to the positives in his arsenal. He also doesn’t do what’s expected of rap music today, but does what makes him happy.

He’s figured out how to write subtly, wrapping his voice in swirling keys, cruising on his ever-evolving thoughts, doing everything he can to escape whatever this society wants to trap inside his head. But perhaps what makes ‘Break The Internet’ so compelling is that it sticks to being leftfield.

The development of the record feels like it’s slowly spinning into its own direction. You can really tell Ervin Mitchell put everything into this song. Every verse is consciously placed together in a careful arrangement meant to drive home track’s message.

In addition to this, video director Jamee Cornelia, puts together a substantial clip to support the music. ‘Break The Internet’ is taken from the upcoming ‘CUDI BABY’ album by Ervin Mitchell.


Warchief Rasco – “Good Ones Go To Soon” – focused and pragmatic

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“Good Ones Go To Soon” is an oath for the real ones I’ve lost in my life from either drugs, violence, or suicide to keep going hard and following the dream while spreading love all at the same time,” says Warchief Rasco.

Rasco has a gift for writing concise, infectious earworms. When a track such as “Good Ones Go To Soon” arrives at its conclusion, it leaves a void in the listener that can only be filled by playing the track again and again. The cut has a quality backing instrumental, complete with a reverbed staccato guitar riff and a throbbing bassline which shows Warchief Rasco continuing his atmospheric Hip-hop fusion sound.

Despite his independent status, Warchief Rasco paints his craft in an impressively nuanced light. A quick run through his catalog, proves that the artist can navigate his genre with dexterity and charm. His aggressive delivery on “Good Ones Go To Soon” results in a powerful roar comprising street poetry and storytelling. Besides the great production and astonishing wordplay, Warchief Rasco’s dedication to speak of experiences that push beyond the surface to present an emotionally, physically and mentally liberated artist.

As much as “Good Ones Go To Soon” is filled with pain, it’s also about healing. Tempered by both celebration and struggle, it shows the duality of Warchief Rasco’s world – one that still reflects on the past, but has made leaps towards the future. It’s a testament to the artist’s growth that the track works first and foremost as a personal statement. “Good Ones Go To Soon” is released with this context and finds Warchief Rasco embracing his motivational status to discuss important social issues.

There’s something more mature about Rasco’s sound on here, something more focused and pragmatic about the content he is creating. He is now not just a rapper, he is a man who stands up for what he believes in and uses his platform to express his opinions.

Connect with Warchief Rasco on: FACEBOOKSPOTIFY

Sundance Jump with W. Dire Wolff – “Johnny’s Too Young”

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“Johnny’s Too Young” is a Rock n’ Roll highway adventure from the album, “Deep Purple Sage”. A 2019 Holiday Season CD, Vinyl, and Digital release by Sundance Jump with W. Dire Wolff; the album blends Alternative Rock with Psychedelic Acid Rock. Recorded in Joshua Tree, California at Skylab Studios; the album has an underlying desert theme.

Connect with Sundance Jump and W. Dire Wolff:

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/album/2XDRvGKdYWYau7P8QAKHBY
WEBSITE: http://www.sundancejump.com/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/wDireWolff
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/sundanceJump

THE BRKN releases “The Motions” from their upcoming debut EP titled “No. 3”

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Punk n’ Rock newcomers THE BRKN debuted their first single and accompanying video for the song “Your Existence” this summer and the buzz started to build. The band has already racked up over 113k streams on Spotify playlists. See the video for Your Existence here – https://youtu.be/vSJiJrb87h4

THE BRKN is Jacob Cade – Vox and lead guitar, Kick Stevens – rhythm guitarist, Mike Bokenkamp – drums and Tristan Verghese – bass. The band recently released the second song and video for “The Motions” from their upcoming debut EP titled “No. 3” which will be out in early 2020. See the video for The Motions here – https://youtu.be/rbY2_LQfbTU

“No. 3” holds a thematic thread straight from Cade’s heart as the title holds a special significance. “My grandfather played soccer in Mexico and wore the number three,” he says. “I wanted to name the EP No. 3 because these songs are so important to me” he explains. “When you listen to us, I’d love for you to feel energized and pumped” says Cade “at the same time, I want to let you know what I’m going through. If someone listening identifies, there’s nothing better.”

THE BRKN just wrapped up an October tour run on the High School Nation Tour, and a November tour with The Dangerous Summer, Arm Akimbo and Locket. Expect the band to tour throughout 2020.

Connect with THE BRKN:

Website: https://thebrkn.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/thebrkn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/the_BRKN
Facebook: https://facebook.com/thebrkn

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