VIDEO: Lipstick, Nebraska [gut the fish] by d!dz de Hav ft. Joni K

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Lipstick, Nebraska [gut the fish] by d!dz de Hav feat. Joni K is the second single from the forthcoming album Flamingos in Sunflower Fields Equals Epic. In Lipstick, Nebraska, de Hav delivers a knock out diss track-come-artist journey song. The hip-hop/pop crossover hit is ultimately a depiction of the rapper’s journey: rapper responds to (it must be said, probably fair) criticism of Glock O’Clock; rapper asks questions of what his identity is; rapper finds his identity; rapper revels in it.

Music Written by d!dz de Hav
Vocals recorded at Strawberry GunZ Records studios, Berlin (2021)
Produced by Jonny Dyas at Cloud Road Music, Christchurch, New Zealand (
Mastered by Fabio Maiorano at La Masseria Estudios, Valencia, Spain

Music Video Produced by Strawberry GunZ Records
Music Video Directed by Paul de Havilland


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