ALESSIA D’ANDREA Leading The Way, With LUBO and IVE To Follow!

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These have been busy days for up-and-coming Italian-born and international singing star Alessia D’Andrea.Apart from having achieved success in various countries, Alessia has been making waves all across clubs in the UK with the Dubstep version of her highly successful single “Set Me Free, Set Me On Fire”. The fiery and beautiful Italian artist has recently been backed to the hilt by her record label Renilin.

Freshly released news confirms that Renilin President Antonio Notaro has signed deals with the renowned companies, Music Umbrella (USA) and Ask Management (UK).This global management triangle, operative across three continents, has been set to launch Alessia D’Andrea in front of a deservingly wider international audience.

Alessia D' Andrea

In the meantime Alessia has been busy working on her 10-track Italian album to be released soon. Not the kind of lady to rest on her on her laurels, she is also occupied in diverse recording projects. Alessia is currently laying down two Spanish-language tracks with Argentinian localized artist, Serafino.

Serafino is an Italian artist now permanently residing in Argentina. His latest album, which is set for a September release, will be presented at the Hard Rock Cafe in Buenos Aires the 20th of September. Alessia has also been invited to perform at the event.

Alessia has continues to work with Lube Kirov, one of Bulgaria’s most famous and popular artist’s. The two worked together on the single “Tonight” which was premiered and presented to the entire Bulgarian press and television networks. The two also performed together on Lubo’s track, “Moga”, in which Alessia sang in Bulgarian!


An artist also igniting interest around the Renilin ambient, is Ive, another Bulgarian artist from the city of Sofia. Ive was the most voted artist at 2012 Eurodanceweb Awards, where she participated alongside competitors from 42 countries. After the Renilin and Restylers co-produced, “Sunlight”, Ive is preparing her new single which will probably be released during this winter.

So the dice has been firmly set by Antonio Notaro’s independent Italian music label Renilin, the Music Umbrella (USA) and Ask Management (UK). Their aim and purpose is of great significance to any artists involved with this creative and business orientated triad. As international success is what they are aiming for!


Obviously all eyes are on the talented Alessia D’Andrea, who will be the first artist to benefit from this potentially explosive international union. Thereafter Lubo Kirov and Ive will be allowed center-stage, as the three aforementioned companies have confirmed their interest to develop both these artist’s careers at an international level.




Alessia D’ Andrea



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