BassBullies put energy and creativity into “Let Loose”

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BassBullies is the new force in dance music worldwide, founded by veterans Navigator and Alaska. Let Loose is the latest monster anthem from the dynamic duo of veteran MCs Navigator and Alaska, uniting to bring their vision of real party music to the world with the help of Simplistix, Spankers, DJ D-Steal, KL2, Rod Justice, Benny Kane, GeekTekNeek, FFAB and Jay Cross, providing a range of mixes to cover all basses and ensure maximum exposure on the global party circuit, covering EDM, electro, trap, breakz, big room house and more.

With a series of colorful high-energy videos to match, Let Loose is a slice of sunshine through your speakers bringing the street heat of Carnival to the screen and establishing BassBullies as a new force in club culture worldwide. Navigator and Alaska, together with their collaboration crew, put together some surprisingly slick rhymes and dance beats to the remixes of Let Loose. This is, by far, the coolest thing I have ever heard in a while. The tracks are so much fun and the beats are so cool. It’s just so hard to resist getting up and dancing to it.

The thing I like about BassBullies is the energy and creativity they put into every track. I had to admit I was a little worried about how much of this wicked, original style would be diluted with the remix influences. Well the remixes of Let Loose doesn’t dilute, but rather helps elevate dance to another level!

The Let Loose remixes have something for everyone. If you like to shake your bum to straight-up house, dubstep or or even a badass, Caribbean dancehall infected beat, this one’s for you. There’s enough here to satisfy the dance fan with a nice burst of rap creativity and other flavored collaboration thrown in too. The rhythm and sultry beats really gets your body moving, making it great for a summer cookout or a fun gathering at the beach.


The various remix productions are quite diverse in style, between them, appealing to fans of many different, dance sub-genres – but all-round the music is infectious and entertaining. The more I keep listening to Let Loose, the more I really dig the Bass Bullies’ unique style and delivery. The bass and beats are phenomenal, while the vocal flows are banging. You will enjoy these tracks and don’t be surprised that it will end up staying on rotation on your player for a good set. Get it!



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