Carlos Kano: “Cuba Libre”

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Looking for some music to dance to? Look no further than Riverbank, California for Carlos Kano. After discovering and listening to house music at the mere age of thirteen, Kano decided to create house music on his own. Kano’s goal is to make fun music that will make people dance and have a great time. As an emerging producer, Kano shows his goals through the music he feels that he was born to make.

A tough guy to follow, and with very little personal info spread around, we found two dance tracks available to listen to, where Kano proves that quality is much more important than quantity. Turn up your speakers when you listen to “Cuba Libre,” a song that will make your move your feet instantly. Melodic synthesizers and heavy-hitting beats bring this track to life on the dance floor. The song pays homage to the popular mixed drink, made up of Rum & Coke with the addition of fresh lime juice, and is worked in collaboration with Nick G, Josser, and Eddy Santana Miami Style.

It’s pretty obvious that the song that precedes “Cuba Libre” couldn’t be better titled than “I’m Freakin’ Thirsty” which begins with a cool build-up into what becomes a massive electronic drop. The track resembles the music of artists like LMFAO and David Guetta. The lyrics are fun-loving and free of all responsibility. I can guarantee that you’ll be breaking a sweat by the time you’re done dancing to this dynamic club track.

If you decide to host your own dance party, blast “I’m Freakin’ Thirsty” over those speakers at the highest volume you can legally play. Kano states that the track is a reminder to the world that everyone should stay hydrated. “Even if your tongue and palate don’t feel thirsty, don’t forget to hydrate oneself.” Although this isn’t the immediate thought of the song’s meaning, it spreads a positive and healthy message nonetheless. The original track is by Jason Rivers aka Shadow Fax off the album Destroying Your Design.

Carlos Kano truly feels that house music feeds his soul. The passion in his music is evident when you listen to all the time and effort that has been put into his tracks. Even though Kano hasn’t released a full-length album just yet, he may well on his way with the right mindset, passion, and determination. Kano is the key for a great party.


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