Diana Ringo Is Crossing Into New Frontiers

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Diana Ringo is a new interesting artist who tries to compose music which is completely original. She is an advanced pianist with a perfect pitch and started to perform at the age of 4. She studied piano with famous pianists such as Janne Mertanen, prize winner of the Chopin competition, Risto Lauriala, prize winner of the Beethoven competition and attended a master class by Lalo Schifrin. Diana is one of the few musicians who don’t want to limit themselves to one genre. She started to compose music and recently recorded two songs, “Shadow” and “Lucky”.

Diana Ringo, who grew up in Finland in an artistic family, now lives in Vienna where she also attended the conservatory. Diana, whose mother Elena Ringo, is a well-known painter, speaks 4 languages, including English, Finnish, Russian and German.

So what makes a beautiful, sexy, creative and highly intellectual girl, go from playing Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin and Liszt to creating almost dissonant lighthearted pop frolics?


Diana may simply be testing our integrity…or maybe she is exploring her own. Fact is Diana embarks on her strangest and most experimental musical journey here. Not just one kind of song, but dissonant pop-flavored music to an eerie vocal ballad backed by even eerier harmonies.

On both “Shadow” and “Lucky”, Diana bursts out with her unorthodox sound. What’s strangest is the effect the songs have when one is listening to it; one moment its powerful and joyous, lulling you, then making you shiver the next. At times it’s unnerving when the dissonant harmonies are enough to make you squirm, but it never fails to provoke a response.

Diana Ringo’s recordings are certainly bold and curiously fascinating. I’m just having a hard time knowing what to do with these tracks. In what context would they best be listened to; in the car, at the office, or even at a party? It is inevitable that the occasional listener will not digest Diana’s pop works well, but nobody can deny that this is an original and challenging frontier that she has begun to cross.

For those of you who don’t seem to get it: Diana, unlike many, many other artists, is a tryer, in that she is not scared to try something new, and as far removed from her piano playing skills as possible. “Shadow” and “Lucky” are simple examples of this. If this doesn’t seem like a good thing to you, it should be. There is no substitution for originality. That’s how we discover new things…good or bad!

Have you listened to the radio or watched MTV lately? It’s just the same old rubbish used as fodder by those who aren’t mentally prepared for this level of originality and experimentation. If you think Britney Spears is a genius, then obviously Diana Ringo is not for you. If you are hung up on orthodox sugar candy-coated pop and are not ready to soar to undiscovered and diverse musical heights with Diana, then don’t bother with this.

Love “Shadow” and “Lucky” or hate it, just accept it as a new chapter in Diana Ringo’s musical book and either keep reading or put the book down, and pick it up again when you think you’re ready, and have the courage to listen to something new!



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