Genuine Hick: Mentally Sick

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And now for something completely different. Have you ever listened to the band Naked City or the self-titled album Mr. Bungle? The band Genuine Hick sounds nothing like that. However in the vein of such disjointed flowing melodies Genuine Hick’s new album (Quarterly Reports of the American Meat Institute) has reminded me that music is supposed to be a form of art. In a time when everything sounds the same, this album offers something different. Even if you don’t like it, you would be hard pressed to compare it directly to anything else.

Genuine Hick formed in 2006 in Oklahoma City. Led by singer/songwriter John Noerdlinger the band has released seven albums in the last eight years. WOW!! That is impressive. A self described “art rock band” Genuine Hick’s style doesn’t stay anchored in one genre. On this album you start on the first song which is pretty laid back. The next thing you know you are on track four and experiencing an anxiety attack because somewhere in between you missed your turn and went a wrong way.


Give it a listen and you will understand what I am saying. This is a fun album. You can hear all the tracks on Soundcloud HERE and get additional information about the band at their Web Page HERE



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