Inner Apprentice Records: Hip Hop Artist Tony Price Delivers with Champion

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Looking at the countdown ticker on the home page of his website, you can easily see that Hip Hop Artist Tony Price has built quite some anticipation for his new album Champion set to be released nationwide on January 31st. Spending the first 21 years of his life in Pittsburgh and the past 15 in Atlanta he has grown quite comfortable with calling both cities his home. You can scan through his bio and see he’s very talented and musically inclined, having written and produced for various artists over the years.


His loyalty lies with his indie label Inner Apprentice Records so he could care less about a fancy record deal; and don’t come at him with the music ramblings from an over saturated music industry because he plans on staying underground. “I feel that the art form has taken a backseat to sex, money, and violence. The pulse of hip hop is barely alive today because everybody wants to rap. This machine was not built for that, our culture is dying to get the soul back in our music.”

If soul is what you’re looking for Tony Price has plenty of it. Being fortunate enough to listen to some of the songs off the new album prior to this review I can undoubtedly say that Champion delivers! The album flow is consistent going from tracks like ’77 Classic where we take a trip back to the 1970’s era with funk and heavy bass lines to the captivation of Old School Rules where the nostalgia of the culture was pure and rhymes were fresh. On the melodic tune Quality Time we see Tony Price score one with the ladies providing a catchy and harmonizing backdrop then on Rare Breed he only needs 1 verse to remind us of his lyrical skills and hardcore delivery. There is no shortage of good songs with this album so it will be hard picking a favorite. Check out the following links to see what else Tony Price has lined up for 2014.

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