KodeRedwitAk Drops His Mixtape – “Oh NO not another LOCAL”

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KodeRedwitAk is a Hip Hop artist from Detroit with an impeccable ability to paint vivid images with sound. His messages are positive although his point of view is from the streets and or poverty. He reminds me of “Pure” Hop Hop.

His latest effort ” Oh NO not another LOCAL “ displays his ability to captivate audiences with well-crafted punch lines and sincerity in lyrics…although he lacks the ability to create ” HIT ” music like Detroit NATIVE Big Sean, KodeRed is able to carry a beat further than most underground rappers.

If this current mix-tape is any indication of what the future holds for KRWAK then we are most definitely witnessing the rise of a power house with the potential to take over the DETROIT rap scene. If he is able to remain consistent the sky is the limit for the Big fella. We support REAL HIP HOP MUSIC and you should too. Make sure you check out all the links PEACE AND LOVE ya’ll and MONEY.



Lion’s Den – Youtube

Motor City Before Sunrise – Youtube



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