New music: with Rock, Americana, and more, the Oklahoma based Lackpro Records compilation album “Daisy” is a beautiful, audio-mosaic masterpiece.

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The Oklahoma City company Lackpro Records is an indie label willing to fight against the current to bring us new music that is as diversified as it is awesome including Synth-Pop, Americana, and Hard Rock.  Their new release “Daisy” (due out in October) combines it all into one thoroughly enjoyable album.

There are very few albums I can repeatedly listen to from beginning to end because I often get board with on style of music before too long.  This album has been in my car stereo for over a week and I still have not grown tired of it.

lackpro-logo-400From stoner-rock veterans Big Okie Doom to the road warrior, Americana quartet The Harmed Brothers this group of musicians takes you on a ride with scenery that will blow your mind.

One band on the album that I had never heard before is Skinny Bitches from Toronto.  Their song Gunsmoke is a single ready for a major label release.  This band is a two piece, but their sound is full and songwriting is top notch.

The song Nasty Bastard by Killer Gandhi is probably the darkest song on the album.  The scream of the singer denotes anguish that is well served. This song is a nod to dirty 90’s power rock, but the band does so with authentic integrity as opposed to a throwback kitsch approach.

The song Missing You by Teenage Daydreams has great potential.  I am not sure exactly what the singer is going for with his singing style, but it lacks inflection and by the time the song is over I find myself tired of the consistency of the vocals. Aside from that I really like the track and find it to be one of the most unique songs on the album.

I won’t go through the entire line-up but suffice it to say there are no bad tracks on the record.

You can hear the entire album on Soundcloud at:

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