New Online Social Platform to Buy and Sell Musical Instruments Unveiled By DueSn

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DueSn is a new global music marketplace, providing buyers and sellers of musical instruments a platform to purchase and showcase music-related items. Driven by a deep dissatisfaction with the current music marketplaces to buy and sell online, DueSn’s CEO Vadim Sokolov decided to assemble a team to create a better option for a worldwide audience. The company wants to make the buying and selling process transparent, easy and efficient for both the buyer and seller. “We want to be the point of crystallization for creative people and be their inspiration in the field of musical instruments,” Sokolov said. “We don’t want them to be bogged down by the process itself. We want them to have more time to create and play music.” is similar to Pinterest, but for musical instruments and other music-related items, with a dedicated objective to provide a direct connection between potential sellers and buyers. Buyers who, for instance, are interested in the products on DueSn’s website can contact the sellers directly.


The platform lets users save and share pictures of musical instruments, as well as create collections of similar products. Users can also follow each other and exchange messages.

 “The main feature of DueSn is its ability to showcase products,” Sokolov said. “Many people have their musical instruments lying in their closets, collecting dust. They’d be more than happy to sell them, but don’t have a good reliable way to do so.”

“DueSn streamlines this process. Adding products only takes two clicks, making this an extremely efficient way to sell music products and increase the seller’s own visibility and customer base without the hassle of the traditional music marketplace.”

Music enthusiasts interested in becoming a member can simply sign up for free at

About DueSn

DueSn is a marketplace where people around the world share, collect, buy and sell musical Instruments, software, gear and services. We help establish a direct connection between the buyer and seller.





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