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PullUsUp is an all in one songwriter’s website. Bands and musicians alike are able to create, publish and sell their music using the tools provided. This is music promotion for the 21st century. Simply use the text editor or file uploader to upload music and lyrics. Make use of the social share features of the website to create the social buzz your music is looking for.

Upload music online easily with the included multi-file uploader, add prices, and sell music instantly. Songwriters love the website for how simple it is to organize content. This in turn, makes the songwriting process much more manageable. Upload music and set it for a 30 second preview to give listeners a sample without giving away too much for free. A step by step FAQ is included to assist you. The website translates into 3 languages, namely English, German and Spanish.


Today, there is no need for a Major Record label for you to have a lucrative and successful career in music. In fact, it may even be to your best advantage to do this on your own. This will enable you to keep control over your artistic and intellectual property and keep the profits too! With PullUsUp, you make a one-time payment for unlimited releases, for both singles and albums.

And if you really do want that major record deal, the best way is to show the record labels what you are made of. Record companies are businesses, if you can show them that you are a profitable commodity, they will fight to get you. All bands and artists who sign up using the coupon code: jammer will get $5.00 off from the people at PullusUp!

Go directly to the sign-up page HERE or go to the website homepage for more info at http://www.pullusup.com/

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