“Sending You Letters” Frank Topper and Rose Weissberg

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Born on July 4th to a musical home where she began composing melodies and singing from her early childhood days. Throughout her life, Rose Weissberg took part and performed in every possible musical activity as a soloist and as a backing vocalist, as well as with her own original music, and has been collaborating with various artists as a musical composer and singer.

A couple of her collaborations have been with lyricist, Frank Topper, who has a long record of online collabs with various musical artists crossing over into many genres. One such collaboration between Frank Topper and Rose Weissberg resulted in the track, Sending You Letters.

The best thing about Frank Topper is that he wears his heart (or that of his alter-ego) on his sleeve, and the track “Sending You Letters” is no exception. He realizes there is strength in vulnerability, and with that knowledge shares his growth as an individual as well as a lyricist and poet.

The pearls of wisdom beyond abound in this new song, but thanks in large part to singer-songwriter Rose Weissberg,  “Sending You Letters” has more edge and grit than anything of Topper’s I have heard in the recent past. This song sways, caresses, mesmerizes and most definitely rocks –with just an electric guitar and vocal track.

Topper is able to be thoroughly deep yet remain accessible. On this song, he will easily resonate with those struggling to cope with unrequited love.

The first two verses open with:

“You were supposed to call
Said that we’d talk some more
Said you’d see me again
Upon those words you swore” 

“Every night I write you
Mourning being apart
Writing the same letters
Testing my hurting heart “

And then moves onto the chorus:

“Writing love’s memories
Words made up of letters
I won’t send these letters
‘cause we aren’t together”

The words, certainly reflects a love that is not returned – and in this case, the end of a relationship, considering the confirmation given in the last verse:

“You’ve read enough letters
Caught my drift that makes sense
Celebration of you
Written in the past tense”

I think the lesson to be learned from Frank Topper’s lyrics here, is not in the obvious heartache suffered by the sender of these letters, but the way in which the recipient reacts ( or rather does not react!). Infatuation, longing, and love can be agonizing when they remain unreciprocated; when the focus of your love sees you as ‘just a friend’ (or not even that).

If you’re sure you don’t love a person, you should be honest about it. Don’t let the person believe that you’re on the fence, and that if they just do this or that, they might be able to convince you to love them. The longer you wait to tell them the truth, the harder it is to do and the harder it becomes for them to accept it.

Most of us experience the pains of unreturned affection at some point in our lives, and Frank Topper has captured that ‘disturbing’ feeling in “Sending You Letters”. Moreover Rose Weissberg enhances the experience, by ‘disturbingly’ strumming her electric guitar over the bittersweet lyrics and melodic vocal lines.

Reigning supreme on “Sending You Letters” is Frank and Rose’s unique ability to create interesting lyrics and vocal pronunciations and wrap them around a great melody. It is also refreshing to see that musical perspective and lyrical wisdom have contributed to the evolution of both their approaches to songwriting and performing; resulting in a track that is simultaneously bitter, beautiful and haunting as ever.


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