SingSharp Mobile App: An App that Tunes your Singing like a Human Teacher !

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Christmas songs singing lessons ♪ ♫♩♪ …an App that tunes your singing like a human teacher !!

Sing your heart out with confidence, and impress your families and friends this holiday seasons. Practice before you go caroling this Christmas.

SingSharp App’s What You See Is What You Sing™ technology shows you real-time pitch tracking of your vocal frequencies, so that you can see if you are singing in tune!

This brand new app is FREE, and even professional singing teacher uses it daily to practice for perfect pitch.


In the App:
1) Vocal Range (check and practice to expand your lowest and highest pitch)
2) Warm Up (simple to full scale exercises for all levels singers)
3) Sing Songs (practice singing your favorite music melodies)

– instant vocal pitch detector showing your actual vocal frequencies
– singing board with built-in pitch tracking and display engine
– scroll back to see your singing performance
– studio enhanced singing effects


Available on Apple Store

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