The music showcases D.JAX as a true artist and ministers straight to your spirit instead of up in your face!

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D.Jax gives you an array of musical styles on his tracks and is never ‘preachy’ in his approach.

Dealing with the inner battle of his faith, his musical ambitions and the often-dark association with the secular music industry, the Charlotte, NC resident, D.Jax, decided in 2004, to walk away from performing Hip Hop. His energy and musical creativity would now be poured into his local church, where his talents would influence Sunday morning worship. It wasn’t until after a 7-year hiatus, in April of 2011, that D.Jax returned to Hip Hop, but now with a new focus and vision.

He now creates music that supports his faith- based lifestyle and delivers messages that purposely collide with the negativity and darkness of today’s Hip Hop culture. Set out to be consistent, credible and courageous, Derrick “D.Jax” Jackson, releases inspirational, faith-based music with the goal of influencing a generation. The industry may define him as an Urban Inspirational Hip-Hop artist, but D.Jax refuses to allow anyone to define his art.

A lyricist by nature and by practice, D.Jax explains how he goes about the writing process. “I freestyle a lot and my vocabulary is rather extensive. I read just about every day. The Bible and countless other authors that enlighten educate and empower. I was taught that if I think it, I have to ink it. I believe creativity flows but craft is segmented and regimented. I process regularly so that the flow feels as natural as possible.” Along with being a Lyricist, D.Jax is a keyboardist as well, playing every opportunity and chance he can get.

D.Jax’s music is about forgiveness and restoration, written from a heart humbled by God’s forgiveness and restoration. The production, lyricism and arrangements are excellent. D.Jax’s presents his work to us, coming in low, humble on his knees, in a way you can both identify with and appreciate. He gives you an array of musical styles on his tracks and is never ‘preachy’ in his approach.

On his 7-track promotional release, the lyrics are heart piercing and filled with the fundamentals of the faith. The music showcases him as a true artist and ministers straight to your spirit instead of up in your face!

From “Haters Don’t Ride” to “Stand My Ground”, “The Real Thing”(ft. Eric Terrell) and “Forever Walking” to “Glory On Demand (G.O.D.)”, the songs are full of passion, and full of hope for those who may be dealing with struggles. D.Jax shows that he knows his Bible and his metaphors are on point. He uses skill over beats like he is a rap veteran with a mission to change the hip hop culture.

D.Jax delivers spiritually anointed lyrics with hard hitting beats which are sure to grasp and minister to the young and adult alike. He has a modern rap sound that could belong to any great mainstream hip hop artist but the difference is that D.Jax’s lyrics are purposeful and meaningful, drawing you closer to Christ than towards worldly goods!

On this promotional release D.Jax proves here that he’s a seriously relevant artist with a lot of ambition, ready to carve his way as one of the most talented indie Christian rappers today!


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