WiFi PR Group Releases “Indie Anthems Vol. 6” – Featuring Top & Unsigned Indie Artists Worldwide

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During June the WiFi PR Group released its own digital mixtape, Indie Anthems Vol. 6, the latest installment in their respected on-going indie series that features some of the best up and coming unsigned and independent artists worldwide.

The WiFi PR Group presented the mixtape at NXNE, a 10-day and night festival that draws over 350,000 attendees from around the world. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this year the event was held in venues throughout Toronto from June 13-22, and WiFi PR was there to hand out copies of Indie Anthems Vol. 6 to industry experts and fans interested in this lineup.

indie-anthems-6-400WiFi PR curated the Indie Anthems series to suit the attention and agendas of those who are on the pulse of what’s next in the world of music. WiFi PR has quite correctly deduced that the amount of music available overwhelms most music lovers and experts, translating into a hazardous and time consuming task to wade through it all to trying to find what moves and intrigues them most.

Indie Anthems Vol. 6 introduces a variety of artists, representing a vast array of genres allowing listeners a shortcut route towards the sounds they may have been looking for. It’s practically all there – in one handy mixtape. Twenty-five scorching musical tracks by the world’s best unsigned and independent artists.

On Indie Anthems Vol. 6 you’ll find modern Urban grooves and Hiphop sounds. Moving from SXTN (“Got a Hold of Me”), rapper Tru Bloo (“Tru Starz”), and singer-songwriter Rashon Medlock (“Next to You”), to Sergio Rangel (“Love Loss”).

If your music taste falls into the rock spectrum then take a listen to Bodhisattva (“It Can’t Get Any Better”), The Wild Fruit (“Slow It Down”), Oh My Land (“Orion”) and Awake At Last (“King of the World”) or Silent Theory (“Outta My Head”).

How do you like your Pop flavored? Well there is no need to fret as you’ll find a variety of sounds to match your tastes from The Controversy (“Two Voices”), Nate Tao (“Sugar and Spice”), Stephanie K (“Trouble”), Natalie Major (“The Rescue”) and Thanai (“You Never Know”) among others.

Maybe you’re more intrigued by eclectic, offbeat sounds and rhythms? Then lean your ears toward Ari & The Alibis (“Bon Appetit”), Dimestore Zombies (“San Juan Skyway”) and Sophia Santulli (“Wolf Face”). I particularly enjoyed the organic, acoustic guitar-driven tracks by Susan Barth (“And Yet”), Rod MacDonald (“You’re Already My Wife”), The Afterwhile (“IJ”),Sergio Rangel (“Love Loss”).


This refreshing new compilation mixtape offers a generous 25 tracks, all done with the WiFi PR Group’s commitment to no-compromise sound and creative quality. As they continue to produce the very best various artist compilations in any music genre!

You would be hard pressed to search for, find and hear these great songs anywhere else. This is what makes these WiFi PR Group’s compilations so enjoyable. There are plenty of songs which you will instantly fall in love with, as well as a nice helping of songs that will become your new favorites over time!


We are fortunate that WiFi PR is helping to keep indie music alive! This is one of those mixtapes that you will be proud to add to your collection and which you’ll enjoy listening to time and time again! And more importantly, it will almost certainly persuade you to go out and seek more from those artists that impressed you most on this mixtape!

Indie Anthems Vol. 6 is now available for download on its Bandcamp page, but only 1,500 download copies are available for a limited time.

WiFi PR will release more Indie Anthems additions in the future, including Indie Anthems Vol. 7, set to be released at Lollapalooza in August 2014. Past iterations of Indie Anthems can be found on the Indie Anthems Bandcamp page.

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