Brent LeVasseur: Another World (Aoleon the Martian Girl) featuring Élan Noelle

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Author Brent LeVasseur and Singer-songwriter Élan Noelle, Collaborate on Another World (Aoleon the Martian Girl)

Brent LeVasseur is the author and creator of Aoleon The Martian Girl, a middle-grade- young adult Science Fiction and Fantasy book soon to be released on  The theme around the storyline of the book is centered on a Cosmic adventure story involving the characters, Gilbert and Aoléon as they embark on an adventure to the planet Mars and beyond. On Mars they uncover a sinister plot by the Luminon (the supreme leader of Mars) to invade Earth and steal its milk cows. Only Gilbert and Aoléon can save both of their worlds from impending doom.

Brent was interested in creating a theme song for his Aoleon The Martian Girl book project, which encapsulated the essence of the characters and the storyline. Not having ever written any pop or dance songs previously, Brent thought it would be fun to try and create one.

aoleon-elan-noelleIn his endeavors he sought out the very talented Élan Noelle and asked her if she would work with him to create an appropriate song for the theme. A  San Francisco CA native, Élan Noelle moved to Washington, D.C where she cultivated her musical talents.  At the tender age of five, Élan Noelle already knew that she wanted to perform. An exceptional singer, songwriter and producer, Élan has created a sound that is all her own. Some of her major musical influences come from an eclectic list of artists such as, Earth Wind and Fire, Pat Metheny, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Kaskade and Teena Marie.

After agreeing to Brent LeVasseur’s collaboration proposal, Élan Noelle proceeded in helping towards the creation of the song, which is aptly entitled Another World (Aoleon the Martian Girl) [feat. Élan Noelle].

The song combines the best of the classic 80’s synthesizer music with a timeless, emotional and modern score. It has an infectious, uplifting beat and lyrics you just can’t help singing along to. The emotion of the track is very clear and very powerful. I found myself grinning for no real reason after listening to it. The music made me feel that good!

For those who love melodious yet mysterious and fantastical musical imagery, you can imagine flying through the clouds on hearing this, but at the same time the upbeat rhythm is pretty adaptable for dance floor too!

aoleon-300The overall sound has a ‘nostalgia factor’ as part of its appeal, but it also is full of real singing emotion provided by Élan Noelle, whose voice is very reminiscent of Irene Cara, the absolute film-music songstress of the eighties, performer of the hit theme songs “Fame” and “Flashdance”.

Another World (Aoleon the Martian Girl) [feat. Élan Noelle] is as magical, and often times inspirationally uplifting, as well as touchingly beautiful as were those exceptionally successful songs during the 80’s.

If you ever believed that the world and beyond, was a truly magical place, this is the song for you because it will remind you of how you felt during your young adult life, and maybe make you believe once again.

However, if you’re in your young adult years right now, then you need no reminding about the wonders of a Cosmic adventure like that of Aoleon The Martian Girl, by Brent LeVasseur or its fantastical theme song, Another World (Aoleon the Martian Girl) [feat. Élan Noelle]!

Absolutely wonderful to listen to…or even to dance to!

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