Ellis Hadlock: “Wind of Colors” Lush and Crystalline Music with Delightful Subtlety

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Ellis Hadlock has been creating innovative instrumental music, covering a variety of genres, from ambient to rock and relaxing to upbeat. His music receives radio airplay in several locations including Europe, Australia, and the U.S.A.  and he is also featured on podcasts, internet radio, and web sites.

Hadlock’s music is also on 2 compilation albums. Thus far he has released nine album titles: Wind of Colors, Calming Reflections, Free As A Butterfly, Tranquil Scenes, Just a Visitor, Pyramid Dreams, Above the Clouds, Wishing Stars, and At First Light. All these albums are available online at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and most digital download sites.

“Wind of Colors”, like previous Ellis Hadlock inspirations, transcends rhythm and melody to become a spiritual experience. Where it takes you will depend on you, but it will evoke a response or even a journey if you give it a chance. My first encounter with “Wind of Colors” was not impressive, just listening to snatches of a few tracks as I skipped through it quickly to orientate myself. But when I completed it entirely, from start to finish, it engrossed both my attention and imagination. The music sank into the background as my response welled up and the tracks seemed to build on each other somehow. Every time I listen to it now I get a different response, but it has turned into a meditative experience that I relish. “Wind of Colors”, is a great title because this album is deep and different every time you listen to it.

This dreamy, surreal collection of 9 instrumentals has become one of my favorite after dinner listens. Bright seas, endless white beaches, and twilight breezes seem to pour from my speakers as I listen to it. I find many of the tunes to be very hypnotic and soothing, but once again, the effect is very subjective and you will discover and develop your own perimeters and confines to wander in.

Ellis Hadlock builds simple yet huge arrangements under a basic, easily-grasped melody. Either he goes for a rhythmic approach as in “Rock the Blue” or a lush, symphonic thing as in “Seasons Change” , but in both cases, there’s still that catchy melody on top of it. It gets into your head and after only a couple of plays you may catch yourself whistling it unconsciously.

Hadlock builds breezy, evocative and thoroughly refreshing soundscapes. This is sunny, lush and crystalline music with delightful subtlety and refinement. Hadlock has used a palette of simple instrument sounds; a guitar, a piano or a harp, or all those things together, but these sounds work exceptionally well. It sounds very natural and organic. Without nitpicking about standouts, I can truly say that there are no dud tracks on “Wind of Colors”, with its unique, beautiful and interesting melodies, and of course the production is excellent. A must for New Age music collection, Ellis Hadlock is the man doing what he does best!



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