Erica Bronwyn: ‘Butterfly’ Strong Vocals and Engaging Lyrics

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Emerging Brisbane singer-songwriter Erica Bronwyn chose Easterfest 2013 to launch her much anticipated independently released debut album, Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a collection of original tracks featuring Erica’s unique style, which is garnished with influences of Stacie Orrico, Rebecca St James, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson. Erica seeks to encourage and inspire others, making Metamorphosis both a personal celebration and a ministry to all those who take time to hear.

Every once in a while, an artist conveys something so perfectly and intensely that it is impossible to resist understanding the soul of her inspiration. Erica is such an artist. You simply cannot listen to her music and not experience anything at all. Erica will not leave you indifferent in any way. She has mastered every facet of vocal technique, allowing her to convey the messages within her songs with an undeniable talent and diverse musical variety. Just listen to her album Metamorphosis, from the pop piano sounds of “Butterfly” to the beat-driven, R&B tinged “Another Day” to the powerful, but controlled pop-rock sounds of “Hear Me Calling”, “Look Of Goodbye” and “Try” to the slower “Somewhere At The Middle”.

Erica Bronwyn is equally at home, whether delivering upbeat, aggressive pop tracks or soaring inspirational ballads. Her music doesn’t fit the stereotype. Erica’s style of pop is much more mature than anything you’re going to hear from Britney, Christina, or Stacie Orrico. Songs like “Butterfly” will certainly appeal to the younger ears, but has quality organic sounding instrumentation, instead of the looping and sequencing that gives radio pop its usual power.

“Butterfly” seems to perfectly capture the spirit and unrestraint which beats in Erica’s heart. The lyric is full of poetic imagery and uplifting honesty. Musically, the song just soars, and serves as the perfect showcase for her talent and potential. It will appeal to pop fans, young and old, almost across the board. I have heard hundreds of new pop voices come and go over the years; few have ever caught my attention like Erica Bronwyn’s has.

I have been playing Erica’s album for the past few days; at home, in my car, and at the studio. And over and above the beautiful “Butterfly” track, it is by far one of the most uplifting and beautiful collection of songs I’ve heard from a female pop-newcomer recently. She sings from her heart and plays a mean piano too. Though flawless and powerful, her voice is not about vocal acrobatics. Erica uses her gorgeous vocal chords to enhance the songs that she writes, not impress listeners.

Another one of Erica’s strengths in addition to her soothing and strong vocals are her infectious and engaging lyrics. On Butterfly she sings:

Here I am, wrapped up tight
My cocoon I will fight
Break away, see the light
All my might, I’ll take flight
Stretch out wide and fly high
Into, the sky, butterfly, butterfly

This is a piano based song with Erica revealing her heart, and you can’t help but get emotional listening to her yearning:

Shadows surround me day and night
From all the doubt, that plays in my mind
I want to see the world the world through different eyes,

Part the clouds and let it shine
Tell myself there’s no need to hide
I want to see the brighter sky in sight

All-round, the single “Butterfly”, as well as the album Metamorphosis, that contains it, has superb vocals, deep lyrics and excellent music production. This lady is definitely on fire and one to watch closely in the near future. Erica Bronwyn not only has a beautiful voice but she is a great songwriter!

Erica Bronwyn (photo by Milly Jane)
Erica Bronwyn (photo by Milly Jane)


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