“First Light”: The Sound of Electronic Producer EMULATE

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Warm, soulful and so damn cool! That is the sound of “First Light” by electronic music producer Emulate from South Orange County. He is also DJ in San Diego as well as Los Angeles. Emulate produces house and minimal house music.

If you’re new to Emulate and appreciate a mellow, subtle sound, then start with this debut single. “First Light” stirs so many feelings and emotions and is pure sunshine, warm and rich sending tingles up your spine. The rich combination of sounds also have brooding undertones and diversity of vocal moans and shouts that seem to creep under the skin, and fill your soul.


All in all, this is a brilliantly produced and well-crafted debut single from an artist who won’t necessarily get the attention he thoroughly deserves for creating such a great piece of work. If you’re looking for a single that is refreshing, relaxing and lets you unwind at the end of a long day, then you can’t go wrong with “First Light”.

Anyone who believes electronic music can’t be emotional should listen to this single. Imagine chunks of Massive Attack, The Chemical Brothers, and Leftfield combined into one and you’ll have a good idea of what this sounds like. “First Light” is perfect example of a successful fusion of chill-out, house and pop.

This is music to unwind to. Turn out the lights and enjoy the music as it seeps through you, or listen through headphones on a train while you watch the world flicker past as it plays. Emulate will perhaps be dogged by comparisons, but they could never be accused of being unimaginative copycats. “First Light” is a superb single, lavishly produced, with some truly delicious melodies, motifs and harmonies. The bass and rhythm sections are well up in the mix and complemented by some glorious effects.

Emulate delivers a delicious blend of groovy EDM that I cannot recommend highly enough.






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