Girl on the Run: “Get out of My Life” The Lyrics are Highly Inspirational and Cautionary

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The notes state their case boldly and clearly: “Girl on the Run is founded on the belief that true music flows from real emotions and experiences. Girl on the Run knows heartbreak, loss and leaping into the unknown. Girl on the Run is the statement to the world that we know who we are. We are unbound, unyielding and still standing. Girl on the Run will not stop for anyone who gets in the way.”


According to the band, the single is their first statement through music and a clear good bye and good riddance to any bad relationship. “Get out of My Life” is a way of life, it is about being strong and standing up for your hopes and dreams. To all those who have tried to stop Girl on the Run, they say “Get out of My Life”.

This is a beautiful recording, lyrically, poetically and musically. Girl on the Run’s vocals drip with honey and fire! In “Get out of My Life” she sings from very seductively to the heart wrenching sound of agony. That song alone is worth the entire single!

The power, punch, harmonic textures, and melodic hooks are also very impressive. No matter how you slice it, it’s a feast to your ears. There are some moments when you are reminded of classic power-pop music from the past. Particularly in the chorus section, this adds to that ‘nostalgic-but-fresh’ feeling.

The lyrics are highly inspirational and cautionary; in fact the chorus here could easily encapsulate my basic reason for not reuniting with old flames or going back to reunions at my old school!

“Get out of My Life” is a perfect blend of a juicy rocker and a seductive ballad all mixed into one song. Bands should be at the top of their game because they put their souls into the music. This single is a good example of how a band can make better music by pouring out the music from their hearts and not from a mixing board.

So if you’ve just fallen out of love, enjoy the powerful vocals, clear sounds and honest uplifting remedy this band lays down for you!

“Get out of My Life” was written & composed by Marie V Pierre  and is released by Girl on the Run on the Bell Time Records label.



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