Goldmouth’s Growing Self-Confidence Seems Poised For Success

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Goldmouth is a Rap/Hip-Hop Artist from Birmingham, AL who is starting to make major waves within the music scene. From going on tour in the Midwest for Project Pats Cheeze & Dope Tour, causing a buzz in the Atlanta music scene, and with a newly released single “I’m Going In” now on rotation at Be100 Radio, Goldmouth is a Hometown favorite who will soon be a household name.

The “I’m Going In” Music Video will also be released in September. Goldmouth is currently in the works of collaborating with celebrity stylist, Stevie Boi (, to create a Fashion Line of Sunglasses. Designer Stevie Boi currently works with Lady GaGa, and his line has been worn by celebrities ranging from Fergie, Amber Rose and Beyonce to P.Diddy and many more.

Goldmouth may shout a bit when he raps but he knows how to throw down. He cuts to the chase. No intro, just a rugged song introducing him.” I’m Going In” has a backbreaking beat with its thumping kick drum and handclapping excursions, basically telling you who Goldmouth is, and he keeps up his tight style throughout his songs.

“Keep It Hood” with its monotone sounding piano and sounds in the back, sees Goldmouth spitting explicit lyrics, but it’s one of those tunes where the production, layout and chorus are so perfect, that you care not about the abrasive content in his words. You just groove to his grind.

Goldmouth is down to earth and has intellect and street truth in his lyrics. He could even be a teacher, as he raps about hoes and relationships on a track called “I’m So Glad”. He actually kills it on this one, aided by a great vocal line and some solid production by Zee Calvin.

This dude can flow relentlessly over banging beats and can get real hardcore and hotheaded in tracks like “I’mma Boss”.  Running through his catalog, you realize that Goldmouth has delivered some solid efforts thus far. He’s as refined and confident as a pro who’s been in the game for years and has a flow that can rival just about anyone. His rapping comes out crisp, fast and clean, with beautiful beats to go along with it.

Goldmouth is original, charismatic, and energetic. His flow is sick and his delivery is wicked. Many rappers out there lack too many things. They either have a good beat, but lack lyrical skill, or they have good lyrical skill, but lack beat and flow. Well not Goldmouth, he delivers all, incredibly well.

It’s been said that it’s very hard to reach the upper ranks of the entertainment world without being at least a little bit arrogant about your abilities, so Goldmouth’s growing self-confidence seems poised for success. What’s surprising is that even in the midst of his swaggering bravado, Goldmouth still manages to drop a great amount of brightly shining jewels along the way!






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