“Hood Symphony” – Franciis Neptune Is Not Your Average Beat Technician!

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Jonathan Hardin aka Franciis Neptune is from Asbury Park/Neptune, NJ and has been producing music since the age of 16 years old. Always a lover of music he got his start under the name DJ Jonty while in college and now has formed into an international Producer/DJ exploring and blurring the lines of Hip-Hop, Electronic and Experimental music . Now Franciis Neptune presents a taste of his highly anticipated beat mix-tape “Hood Symphony”.

“You can’t have a show without practice, and right here is the mixtape/prequel (in one shot) for the “Hood Symphony” album. There are some snippets of the album in there and a whole lot of unreleased and unfinished material.”Franciis Neptune.

“Hood Symphony” is a piece of music with mesmerizing beats that you can vibe to at any time. This was one of the most unique albums I’ve heard in a long time. Based on this prequel, I would really recommend this album to any one that wants to listen to good instrumental music. Whether you’re looking for something to listen to while you’re working out or relaxing, this really sets the moment for any occasion. Franciis Neptune’s intriguing production on this album sets an exuberant mood that you can ride to and bang all day. It is even great for just chilling.


Franciis Neptune’s production style is very rhythmic but also harmonic and eclectic. The title pretty much sums it all up. “Hood Symphony” takes the listener on a journey through soundscapes and total utopia. This music could be classified as Hip Hop Instrumentals, but I truly believe it is more than that. It’s a revelation.

Franciis Neptune is not your average beat technician. His extraordinarily varied productions set him apart from those who focus on one type of beat or style of music. He has found his niche with hip hop, soul-touching grooves, and more abstract soundscapes.

This prequel is a wonderful concoction of blunted beats and hearty melodies. It reflects Neptune’s ability to induce feelings and evoke moods, as well as a flair for creating cuts to get toes tapping and dance floors moving.

“Hood Symphony” will probably be one those records that redefines what you think of as hip hop music. The way it mixes electronic music with hard drums, sound loops and basslines seems to be a brand new trend in hip hop. This however is one those albums that must be heard a few times over until you really comprehend what is going on.

This prequel to the album, while wrapping up in little less than an half-hour is a sonic explosion from left field, that. The samples that Neptune mixes in with his beats are surprising, as he is able to craft amazing songs out of complicated rhythms and breaks.

Overall, “Hood Symphony” is monstrous. It’s crazy, raw, gritty, and hard hitting on every track, but it’s a very versatile piece of work. No track sounds the same. It’s like a rollercoaster through Franciis Neptune’s mind.



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