HOOKMAN AND THE RIPPER VOL.1, includes the hit singles “TONY” and “Go Down”

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The rap duo known as Hookman And The Ripper consists of Thomas BookT Jones and Larry Third Nasty Groom III. Jones formed the rap group with best friend Third Nasty in 2013. The two met in Raleigh, NC while collabing with producer and artist Mr.RaleighNC on his 2009 mixtape, ‘The O.C. Documentary’.

The two have collaborated as artists and producers on multiple solo projects. Including work on hits from BookT’s Highly Educated debut mixtape, “Red Nose Reign”(2012). Over the year’s Hookman and The Ripper have become known for their laid back gangsta emphasis and heavy southwestern funk; Many of their fans describe them as “True and Real or Trill rappers.”


Their first album, 2014’s HOOKMAN AND THE RIPPER VOL.1, includes the hit singles “TONY” and “Go Down”. Hookman And The Ripper go together like peanut butter and jelly. On evidence of the two hit singles we heard, all the head bangers out there, should go pick up this album when it drops sometime in March, twist one, sit back and let their mind fall out of funkiness!

Lyrical quality and quality of beats don’t get much better than singles on “TONY” and “Go Down”. Hookman And The Ripper complement each other perfectly. Put this in your player and you will be bouncing so hard along with these dudes, you won’t want to leave the room…ever. There aren’t too many emcees that can rhyme like these two.

“TONY” kicks-off in a steady-paced, heart-pounding funky way, while “Go Down” keeps the awesome slow-jam beat coming. Hookman And The Ripper’s lyrics flow with precision and are both hard and smooth throughout the tracks.

HOOKMAN AND THE RIPPER VOL.1, is probably going to be way hotter than expected. Not least because the way they rap together is amazing. Much of this will come as a result of the production mastery too. The beats are tight and hold together after repeated listenings on the singles, which is a good indication of things to come. The rest of the album should hang tight with a diverse mix of experimentation and generally pleasing ear candy.

Overall, if the single releases are any indication on how the Hookman And The Ripper album will finally sound, then the wait will be worth every minute for Hiphop heads. Nuff Said!

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