Jules Verne Theory: “EXPOSURE” – Great Melodies, Rhythms and Soulfulness…

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Jules Verne Theory brings together the talents and experience of Richard Slee and Arron ClagueArron previously worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop as well as writing and recording in the media production industry. He has produced tracks for Mute Records (Erasure) and has previously released tracks with Ninthwave Records in the US, along with Heaven 17, where he produced the Remix of their single “I’m Going to Make You Fall in Love With Me”. Arron has also worked with Garland Cult, who went on to work with Boy George among others.

Richard, a graduate in drama, has been performing live for over 20 years. He has performed with well-known UK comedian and actor Greg Davies and enjoyed a leading role in short film ‘Harm’ produced by the Moving Picture Company. Richard was a founding member of the Shoestring Theatre Company and has been performing a diverse range of music in both the Isle of Man and UK.

The Jules Verne Theory, who are signed to Ninthwave Records, have also completed a sold-out concert, opening for Human League and are now launching their 5-track EP,“EXPOSURE”.

Do remember and treasure the golden new wave synth-pop era of groups like OMD, Human League, Eurythmics, Howard Jones, Thompson Twins, Thomas Dolby, New Order, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Yaz, Erasure, Alphaville, The Fixx and ABC etc.?

I could go on forever, with this endless list of deliciously nostalgic acts, but it would only be self-inflicted torture. Let bygones be bygones, it’s an era long beyond vanishing point. Or is it? Not on your life! Not if Jules Verne Theory has the final say!

That synth-pop era provides the blueprint for this lovingly crafted album, with inspired organic sound tapestries interspersed throughout the assured 5-track set. The Jules Verne Theory has constructed an EP that could comfortably nestle alongside the best works created during that period.

Moreover, much like Depeche Mode, though in not as dark, their music is as pertinent as any of the other electronic styles currently filling the clubs or headphone sets. They use amazing old school synth sounds, sugary warm vocal melodies and catchy rhythms, as opposed to the error-free, ice-cold samples and auto-tuned gadgetry favoured by the new breed of electronic heroes.

In fact, I’d like to think of the Jules Verne Theory, as anti-heroes in today’s electronic music scene. They bring something more interesting to the table. Their noble intentions deliver a sound that may seem a little worn or a little frayed around the edges, while its gentle underlying complexities aim at progressively gaining the sympathy of audiences, listen after listen. Just like an old pair of faded blue jeans, in which every wear, enhances the experience, eventually making it indispensable!

Personally my taste in music tends to be more guitar-based simply because there are very few synth oriented bands whose music really stands out in a myriad of electronic clones. Jules Verne Theory’s output on “EXPOSURE”, is original with great melodies, rhythms and soulfulness in the vocals.This is an all-round great recording and not simply a “retro” EP with limited appeal to 80s music fans. Great music is timeless, and this EP has that timeless quality about it.

This music is new; it’s beautiful, inspiring, engaging and fully dance-able too! It’s really hard to imagine anyone else to compare to within this genre.The Jules Verne Theory is practically out there on their own, carrying the torch for a gorgeously infectious sound that couldn’t ask for a pair of better task-bearers.

Slap-on the stand-out tracks: “She’s A Riot”, “How Do I Get Things Done” and “How Hard”, to get right to the core of JVT’s crisp and contemporary synth arrangements. I think Richard Slee and Arron Clague have created a new benchmark for any electronic music that does not belong to the totally ‘out of control’ or ‘anything goes’, EDM paradigm.

Indeed, “EXPOSURE”, surpasses its influences in more ways than one. This is a great synth pop album; a superb combination of modern production with a serious nod to the artists’ roots. From the opening blasts to the final echoing refrains, let your mind wallow unburdened through the authentic mind and soul-driven concepts that emanates from every note, doing the Jules Verne Theory proud!

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