Ka tet: ‘Arcadia’ Original, Guitar Heavy, Atmospheric Rock!

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Ka tet are a Galway based, three-piece rock band whose sound focuses as much on 3 part vocal harmonies as it does on crunchy guitar riffs, gripping rhythms and chunky bass undertones. The band have released two singles to date from their debut album ‘Arcadia’, ‘Let my Lady’ and ‘Bob N’ Charlie’. The album was recorded between Grouse Lodge Studios (Muse, Bloc Party, R.E.M) and Cold Room Studios (We Town Criers, Race the Flux) and was mastered by Richard Dowling in Wav Mastering Limerick (Jape-Ocean of Frequency, The Hot Sprockets- Honey Skippin’)

The band have been extensively touring Ireland over the past number of years and have graced the stages of Knockanstockan, Indiependance, Vantastival, Gateway and Helium Festivals as well as dozens of the country’s top music venues. Ka tet have shared the bill with such established acts as Feeder, Ash, Jape, Scroobius Pip, God is an Astronaut, Ham Sandwich, R.S.A.G and Director. With their sights firmly set on world domination, Ka tet will be embarking on a European Tour this autumn.

Ka tet signed with Irish independent record label Ruby Music in late 2012. ‘Arcadia’ was released by the label on August 19th.

‘Arcadia’ is an album chock full of twisted guitars, powerhouse vocals, and eccentric song structures, sure to please even the most discriminating rock fan. Ka tet possess an extremely tight-knit sound that mixes melody with surging power at free will. They are an interesting band because they don’t really follow trends; they just write and play stuff that they think is cool and it shines through. This debut album produces great songs, a tight dirty sound, and stellar performances by all involved.

Considering that ‘all’ consists of only 3 members, Tommy Concannon – Guitar and Lead Vox, Ronan Connaughton – Drums and Vox  and Kyle Dee – Bass and Vox,  it becomes evident that the feat is even more deserving. If you like original, guitar heavy, atmospheric rock then look no further than Ka tet.

The album fires out of the gate with the roaring “Intro,” an instrumental which gives me an uncontrollable urge to bang my head against a brick wall. From there, the goods come quickly, as the first five songs are all no less than fantastic. “Let My Lady” and “Awake” boast two of the grooviest time signatures in my recent rock memory. “Free Love,” slows it right down, while “Coffee” combines a heavy riff and laid-back vocals to great effect. “Bob N’ Charlie” introduces a strumming acoustic-guitar rhythm and offbeat vocals into the mix, and the result is just spectacularly infectious.

“Baby On The Brink” and “Shere Khan,” boast bass grooves so deep you could fall into them, while the drumming is just superb throughout. I think I’ve mentioned just about every song by now, but they’re all just so good it’s hard to single any out. The sheer scope and depth of the songs is staggering. The best part is, that my all-out favorite songs on the album are the last two, namely, “Cocaine Sandwich” and “World’s Edge”.

With rock being so predictable these days, it’s nice to hear a band that is willing to be adventurous. They are able to craft songs that make you want to bang your head but also allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride. Across the entire album the sheer quality of songwriting and musicianship never lets up for one single second. Add to this, the fact that snippets Heavy Rock, 60’s pop melodies and Rock n’ Roll combine effortlessly on this album, then its unique sound and status becomes clear. ‘Arcadia’ by Kat tet really is indispensable for any discerning rock-music fan!



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