Many Are Connected: “Dream” Extremely Rhythm Oriented, With No Dull Spots

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Many Are Connected (M.A.C.) a group of many, located in Washington State. They have been making music for over 3 years collectively as a group. The members currently are, Andy Cantrell, Roc Omega, Christine and Chris Schols.

M.A.C. have released their debut album titled “Dream” during May of 2013. They are embarking on a concept that many are connected through the vibrations of music. This is what they have to say about their project: “As our world unfolds and the concept becomes a piece of history, we say to all that “This is our world, so open your mind.” Our goal is only to get the music out, to have everyone open their minds and see what they are already apart of. For this is our world, it’s time to step inside.”

“Dream” contains 18 tracks that draw from influences such as Dubstep, Trap, Trance, Hardcore, Hardstyle and New Age. Some albums stand out from the pack either because they are unique or outstanding.

“Dream” by M.A.C. stands out for both reasons. As any EDM album should, “Dream” provides a raucous good time from start to finish. It is full of energy but also inculcates the listener with some dreamy ethereal-like arrangements; I think it’s impossible to not feel like moving when some of the songs on the album are playing. Moreover, I really don’t think that there is even one totally weak song on this album. Sure I personally may have opted to mix and produce the final product differently, but that’s strictly a subjective viewpoint.


However, what differentiates this album from others of its kind is that it is an odd dichotomy of dark and foreboding yet pounding and fast at the same time. This is mixed with vocal tracks which often sound more like they come from the Shoegaze genre than regular EDM, meaning lots of distortion and reverb on the voices. I think that this serves up a hybrid sound that really throws the spanner in the works as far as genre-boxing is concerned. This puts M.A.C. in a category of its own.

The main reason I like this album is just because it is extremely rhythm oriented, and there are no dull spots. Dull spots are the main weakness of most bad electronic music. While a lot of Electronica goes on too long, becomes self-indulgent or pretentious, and really doesn’t mean much, M.A.C. don’t often fall into this trap. To put it mildly, this album doesn’t let up, but rather slowly morphs from one end of the EDM spectrum to the other, covering interesting elements of Dubstep all along the way.

The sounds on “Dream” are actually a combination of many things. Whatever the case, they evoke a response. Some words to describe it are energetic, insane, euphoric, nostalgic, adventurous, and futuristic. An interesting thing about Many Are Connected is that their music often manages to sound classic and futuristic at the same time.

If you are not already a fan of some Electronic, or Dubstep music, or haven’t even heard much, this album may take some getting used to. The first song I knowingly liked on this album was the House-orientated “Any Given Sunday,” which I loved almost right from the start. When I listened to the rest of the album, at first I was put off by the strange mix and production of the vocals, on some tracks. Eventually I discovered the skill, talent, and beauty behind the album and quickly got used to the ‘different-sounding’ vocals.

Other tracks I liked were “Mainstream”, “Falling Backwards”, “The Club House”, “Mainstream”, “A Moment In Time”, “New Life” and “This Love For You”, but there are 18 tracks to choose from, so you’ll eventually find what you personally like.

Admittedly, the production on this album is not as perfectly tight, clean or crisp as the sounds found on more illustrious big-label mixes, let’s say by Pendulum, Nero or Skrillex. But that doesn’t keep it from being great. There is very little wrong with this album, and the work put into it really shows. To me, “Dream” by Many Are Connected explores a sound journey that takes the listener to somewhere…considering this is their debut album, that’s a mean feat in itself!






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