Marcelo Grebois: “Live Session Bedroom Style” The Beats Are As Groovy and Original As Anything Else Out There

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Hailing from Argentina, Marcelo Grebois is a passionate and driven producer and DJ. His passion for electronic music developed during his teenage years, and it didn’t take long before things started to get very serious: bedroom jams soon turned into club performances where he could finally share his blend of techno with the crowd on the dance floor.


Overtime, Marcelo had the chance to refine his signature underground techno style. He had the opportunity to perform internationally, including slots at many legendary Ibiza parties. Marcelo is always active, releasing tracks and performing live.

Marcelo’s “Live Session Bedroom Style” release is almost one-and-a-half hours of music which was recorded on the fly! As Marcelo himself says: “It has no post mix, no mastering, and of course some errors.” 

Marcelo Grebois really delivers the goods with this one. This mix takes you on a journey, from techno to floor-filling beats and groovy electro-pop sounds. His music is fairly minimal throughout: just spicy techno rhythms, where the groove is as much in the spaces as in the sounds.

The synths, samples and beats themselves are varied and always interesting, with many different timbres and tonal qualities creating interesting breakdowns and build-ups within the attenuated techno arrangements.

The result is a wondrous, layered patchwork of solid techno beats. Though not essential in his music, Marcelo skillfully infuses “melody” and warm tones into the bass lines, to round out the mix. The single-composition-assembly mutates and shifts throughout the 1 hr 26 min and 24 seconds, with various elements appearing and fading.

This mix is highly recommended, especially if you have not had the chance to see Marcelo Grebois’ ability in a live setting. Marcelo proves that there is a human behind the machine and software.

“Live Session Bedroom Style” starts off slow with a lengthy build-up. However, if you’re patient and willing to really listen, the beats are every bit as groovy and original as anything else out there. Marcelo seems to accomplish his sound with the minimum amount of instrumentation possible. At times almost hushed, he slowly builds with multiple climaxes and movements.

Marcelo is certainly not afraid to take his time; on “Live Sessions…” you’ll need to wait at least ten minutes before he breaks into a beat. This of course only helps to put an edge to his music, making the listener yearn to hear where they’ll be taken to next.

This is a mix that will appeal to the mind and soul. Though recorded on the fly, it is incredibly smooth and showcases his explosive talent for improvisation and beat structure.

Highly recommended for all electronic music lovers, and especially for minimal-techno fans!




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