Rob Allen: “Too Slow” a Well Crafted Pop Song!

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Born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on August 17, Rob Allen is a Pop/R&B singer-songwriter. Rob can sing, dance, write music, play piano and guitar. His goals are to use music as a means for touching listener’s hearts while spreading a positive message rooted with universal appeal.

Rob Allen’s vast array of musical endeavors were no accident as his father is accomplished musician Roberto Blanco and his grandfather, Ricardo Blanco formed the legendary “Trio Los Condes.” For the past seven years, Rob Allen has crafted his singing/songwriting abilities to cultivate a uniquely soulful, yet exciting blend of pop and R&B music. His early influences include, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Nsync, Brian Mcknight, The Eagles, Marc Anthony, and Bryan Adams just to name a few.

Recently Rob released his latest single, “Too Slow”. If there is something one can say about Rob Allen, it’s his tenacity to craft good pop songs. If you love smooth Pop/R&B, you will be rocking to this song in your car, down at the club, in your house or wherever.


Much in the mold of Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown with just a sprinkle of Maxwell and Maroon5 thrown in, from the first-listen, your musical taste buds will be thriving in a constant state of salivation for more of Rob’s amazingly soulful voice and captivating tones. The beautiful subtlety of the way he sings and effortlessly maneuvers through the track will enrapture you within each fleeting moment, and leave you longing for more.

At the very least, this is an excellent single to weave in and out of blissful consciousness with, while you attempt to slip and slide across the dance floor, and if you don’t already dance in front of the mirror when no one’s around, you may start after hearing this. It’s just so hard to stand still while perceiving the pulsating rhythms on “Too Slow”.

Rob has the ‘X’ factor. He is very talented and has natural soul, nothing forced or imitated here. Growing up in a musical family, he has taken his talents in the same direction, touching a variety of genres and sound textures. If you buy the single, you must see Rob live too. Like his single, Rob does not disappoint. He has hot dance moves, interacts with the crowd, and delivers an all-round high energy performance. Check out some of his live action videos on YouTube for confirmation.

Those of you, who like Dance, R&B, Urban Pop and everything in between, plus beautiful vocals without all the hype, get this single. Rob Allen may not be pumped and pimped on the Radio and TV just yet, but he soon will be, as he sure knows how to deliver on this track. You’ll love “Too Slow” because of the vibe and the supreme vocal dexterity of Rob’s voice. Simply put, if you don’t have this single by now, you’re sleeping. WAKE UP!



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  1. Well said !
    He deserves it !
    Rob is a great singer , with lots of charisma.
    His perseverance is incredible.
    From France, I just can say : Keep going on Rob !

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