Slightly Left of Centre: “Call Me For The Weekend” is Likely To Burn Up Radio Playlists!

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Slightly Left of Centre (SLC) is a three piece pop/rock band residing in Melbourne, Australia. The band was formed by close friends Vince and Mick in late 2010. Since the band’s formation, the guys have been working hard in their own purpose built studios; SLC produces, engineers, records and mixes their music to keep their unique and signature sound alive so that fans will always distinguish an SLC song amongst their iTunes playlist.

sloc-300‘The Right Direction’, the band’s debut album was released in early 2012. With the group’s second album in the works and current release ‘Call Me For The Weekend’ , SLC are showcasing some of their most diverse and structured material live and to select commercial media as part of their promotional tour running through June 2014.

Call Me For The Weekend ” is wall to wall muscular funky pop with thoughtful lyrics and a groovy melody and rhythm that goes down easier than lemonade on a sticky summer afternoon. The song sparkles and shimmers with the smooth, soulful crooning and frenetic, dance floor ready energy.

The track is likely to burn up radio playlists. It is catchy, melodic, upbeat, and the singing reels you in and makes you want to play this again and again.

This band consisting of Adam Spicer (Vocals & Keys), Michael Pace (Guitars & Vocals) and Vince Iannotti (Drums), plays to its strengths so well. They really know exactly what they are doing and leave no doubt that Slightly Left of Centre is are going to be a memorable and great band.

Hands down, Slightly Left of Centre proves to be a completely impressive band while they encompass styles of adult-orientated pop, soul, funk and neo-disco.

The first time I heard the single “Call Me For The Weekend ” I was blown away: like Maroon 5, SLC have major dance-pop influences, but maintain basic rock qualities. Not to mention the vocals, which is about as close to Adam Levine as you can come.

Taking into consideration their previous works, Slightly Left of Centre have taken their sound and style to a new and exciting level. The song, the vocals, the arrangement, and the production techniques represent the best of what their music has to offer thus far.

With “Call Me For The Weekend “, SLC have evolved further to pursue newer aspects of their music. Showing a desirable penchant for making real hooky sounds that will keep your occupied and entertained!

I can’t wait to drown my ears in the upcoming album.


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