SLOW EARTH: “Latitude and 023″, Innovative And Wonderfully Intense!

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The Eastern European band Slow Earth, was formed in 2009. They are a self-published and independent group who produce non-commercial music. They recently announced the release of their debut EP “Latitude and 023″, set for May 6 2013. The first single “Identify” was released earlier online and has been air-played on important European radio stations.

The EP was recorded in one of the best studios in central Europe with young and talented engineers from the USA. The band worked with Dan Leffler (U2, Muse RHCP) who handled mixing and post production, in Los Angeles, USA. Attributing great importance to the visual side of the EP, the band decided to engage legendary Storm Thorgerson for the Artwork.

You can decipher it as Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, Shoegaze or even Dream Pop, but ultimately Slow Earth encompass everything you love about creative modern music. They make incredible ear opening sounds that just amaze, the production is deep and complex, and above all they say something. Every note of their work is done with complete humility, energy, and passion. Their music has great and far-reaching visions, which go over and above the catchy hook or simple melody line. They challenge and destroy preconceived ideas about how modern pop music should be played. And most importantly, it works.

On “Latitude and 023″, Slow Earth experiment with new sounds and textures. Acoustic pianos, avant-garde electronics, screeching guitars and other intruding noises all find their home within the same arrangement. The result is simultaneously innovative and wonderfully intense, yet it still remains accessible to the average listener. Lyrically, their songs movingly reflect the tension between humanity and the depression and alienation of post-modern society.

“Latitude and 023″, is an album which seems to have been made for the sake of great art, not commercial success. This adds a rare and refreshing aspect, considering that very few modern bands actually care about being great artistically, rather than just appealing to the lowest common denominator, and selling a load of albums.

Slow Earth even took their challenge one step further, by releasing the Ep’s most eclectic, dark and intensely slow song- “Identify”- as the first single release! It would have been so much easier reaching wider audiences, by releasing the rhythmic and airy, “Change Nothing” or the even catchier piano-driven pop-sound of “Self-Formed”.

Another feather in the band’s cap is how the vocals are stripped of pretense and are wholly unconcerned about sounding even vaguely fashionable, and as a result, attain a beauty far beyond the reach of lesser, career-orientated bands. Overall this is one of those albums that take some time and careful listening to, in order to fully appreciate its beauty. After a couple of listens you will discover “Latitude and 023″ is simply gorgeous and worth every second.

With this album, Slow Earth has created a true work of art. This is the band that everyone should be talking about right now. Unfortunately, outside of the music press and some dedicated fans, no one else seems to have noticed…just yet.

Do yourself a favor – give this one a spin.

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