Sono Vero: “Roses for the Reckless EP” -Perfect and more importantly never forced blend of reggae, rock and hiphop

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Sono Vero is a talented young band from Southern California and the 2014 Artists In Music Awards Best Reggae Artist winner. They reached a major milestone in 2014 as their single “Never Say Goodbye” topped the world famous radio station KGUP 106.5FM in Los Angeles for 18 straight weeks as the most requested artist. The Los Angeles based recording artist shared the Top 10 with other artists including Matt Cardle, Cher Llyod, Glitter Rose, The Neighbourhood, Pierce the Veil, Carleton Stone, Soren Bryce, Melanie Taylor and Walla.

From the beach to the city, Sono Vero is a product of their California surroundings. This Alternative/Reggae/Hip-Hop group has performed across the country and has shared the stage with some of the most reputable names in the scene. Sono Vero recorded their latest “Roses for the Reckless EP” with legendary producer Lewis Richards. And have also released a second single from the Ep, entitled “End of Forever” .

Sono Vero is one of those bands that just hit you. They have a ton of great songs. Awesome stuff – these guys are relatively unknown and they are absolutely tremendous musicians. If you like great grooves and a high recording quality then get this.

Sono Vero mix a nice blend of Reggae, Rock and Urban sounds. It’s very modern and hip sounding with a definite Cali vibe. It has very good melodies and soothing rhythms. If you like artists like: 311, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Iration, Rebelution and Sublime, you will absolutely love this music.

“Roses for the Reckless” is an inspired, fresh EP with creative lyrics and stellar melodies colliding to create a recording that you can jam out to and just “mellow” to. It’s pretty simple, hop in your ride, drop the windows, and hit play on any one of the five tracks.

You’ll hear a perfect and more importantly never forced blend of reggae, rock and hiphop. All of the songs are unique and super catchy. Not least the two opening tracks, “Give You The World” and “Leave With You”. The bass is infectious, the beats are fun, and the style varies from song to song to keep you on your feet.

However it’s the silky melodies with the smooth harmony lines of “Back And Forth (feat. Rico Of Ease Up & Moi Of Tomorrows Bad Seeds)” and “Never Say Goodbye” that mostly capture my attention. Each track has a distinguishing groove, riff, and beat that keeps you jamming to their sound the whole way through. “End of Forever” is a testament to Sono Vero’s ability to make a simple acoustic driven song into a melodic and lyrical masterpiece.

Charlie Ueda – Lead Vocals, Nathan Ueda – Keys/Vocals, Dan Rodriguez – Vocals/Rap, Anthony Kochis – Drums, Steven Ingraham – Vocals/Guitar and Buddha Foster – Bass, have not even reached their full potential yet and they’re already a true shot in the arm for the alternative reggae movement.

If you feel down or need some motivation pop in the “Roses for the Reckless EP” . This is power music for your soul; good vibes, great band, immense inspiration!

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