TalentDisplay: “Keep Pushing No Matter What” Both Chilling and Honest

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Keep Pushing No Matter What is a release from Verbal Vision artist TalentDisplay. The album has13 tracks featuring Cashis, Chizzel, ToB, Lace Dosia, Dani Bridges, Klientel & Wave Bloom with production from Anno Domini, Superstar O, ID Labs, Furman Beats, 5StarBeatz, Riggs and Genius-Boy. The album is downloadable free, with a “name your price” feature.

TalentDisplay was born in Brooklyn on March 25th of American/Israeli  parents, who are of Libyan Descent. TalentDisplay lived in Brooklyn, New York briefly, later moving to Ramat-Gan, Israel. He moved to Los Angeles, California at the age of fifteen, completely having to readjust everything in his life quickly.

When he was once asked what led him to pursue Hip-Hop/Rap and music in general, TalentDisplay answered: “Expression is therapeutic to me… it’s been my thing always… I mean… I fell in love with music since I was young, always listened to music of all kinds, Mediterranean, Rap, Country, Pop To Hip-Hop, everything. As long as the music was good I listened to it”.

TalentDisplay has recently dropped his 13-track album, Keep Pushing No Matter What. I was absolutely blown away by this album. I am not too familiar with TalentDisplay’s  songs, though we did do an intense interview with him a while back. I wanted to experience a full length album from him so I began with this one. At the very beginning of the album’s opening track, “Goin In Strong”, when the instrumental begins, I could sense this album was going to be epic, and by the end of the last track “Legend”, I was instantly a hardcore fan.

TalentDisplay is both an unprecedented and unique rap artist. His voice is rough and emotional; giving his songs, like the incredible “Gangsta Spit” both strong energy and gritty ambiance. The most powerful example of this is arguably “Keep Pushing” which exposes a man truly affronting his faith, belief and desire. His voice grows more intense as his personal plea becomes stronger. This album is both chilling and honest, and songs such as “No Matter What” and “Where Did She Come From” show the multiple styles TalentDisplay can deliver in extraordinary execution. This album has it all; club bangers, street anthems, and personal portraits of a man trying to find his way while maintaining success and serenity.

One of the strengths of this album is the lyrics. TalentDisplay creates nice rhyme schemes and nothing seems rushed or faked, while all the choruses are real hot. Another strength is the content; song topics vary from song to song and TalentDisplay doesn’t dwell on any one topic for too long which is good. But the albums biggest strength in my opinion, is having no fillers. Also not to underestimate, is the production on this album, which is consistent the whole way through. Finally, all the guest appearances do a real nice job of delivering their verses and/or choruses spot on.

Overall, the album has a perfect blend. If you want to listen to some quality music download a copy of Keep Pushing No Matter What. You won’t regret it!



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