ANYA ROSE: “Dance With Me” – Precision-Tooled to Blare Out Everywhere from Miami to Ibiza!

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For unabashed, unapologetic dance-pop music ANYA ROSE’s releases are often the answer. With the French singer’s “DANCE WITH ME” and the album, “SHAKE IT”, this fact is blissfully reaffirmed.

Precision-tooled to blare out of speakers everywhere from Miami to Ibiza, this clever, infectious tune flies out of the studio aimed squarely at the pleasure zone of dance music’s core audience. This upbeat yet cool-as-cucumber number has an up-tempo sound that is obviously quite European and extremely danceable.

Its ceaseless rhythm has the resonance of retro disco yet is laser-like and modern. As with the other key tracks on the album such as the blissful moment of “Shake It” or the churning-BPM of “Everybody”, ANYA’s songs have a smart, sunny Euro-pop sheen that immediately ingratiates itself while burning up the dance floor; her smooth, sweet, feminine vocals leading the way.

Cheeky, delightful and softly rambunctious, ANYA ROSE’s sound is incredibly fresh and enticing in every track. Anya and her collaborators will amaze you with their signature catchy beats and rhythms, while the lyrics will absolutely tingle your senses.

“DANCE WITH ME” and the album “SHAKE IT”, is another high water mark in ANYA ROSE’s career. The songs, production, and performances are as good as they’ve ever been. For fans of wonderful, upbeat, uplifting music!


Since her early childhood, ANYA ROSE aka LADY ANEESSA was always attracted to music, and at the age of 8, was enrolled in her first dance school. In her adolescence, Anya Rose would add another string to her bow, by developing her joy of singing.

That piece of the puzzle would have her packing her suitcases in route to England where she would expand her musical culture by indulging in Drums and Bass, Garage and Two Step . Anya Rose surrounds herself with international DJs to bring the clubbing sound.

After her track with Master Dj, “WOMAN OF THE NIGHT” which is featured on the MTV series “Worst Prom Ever”, and “EVERYBODY” with Dj Calectro which has been playing on radio stations worldwide, ANYA ROSE is hard on her grind promoting her track “DANCE WITH ME” taken from her album “SHAKE IT”, now available on iTunes.

ANYA ROSE aka LADY ANEESSA’s worldwide collaborators include: ITALY – Master Dj,  GERMANY – Calectro , Doug Laurent, FRANCE – Ron-X, Dj Mercer, Frank Dona, Pierre Kixx, Conrad Mc Summer, UK – Edd Thomlinson, SPAIN – Edward Teach, SLOVENIA – Cooker, EGYPT – Mohamed Eshra, COLOMBIA – Habib Ramirez, USA – Steve Omen.

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