Blindside Thunder: “The Storm” This Is One Hard Rocking Album!

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The hard rock power trio, Blindside Thunder, from Rhode Island in southern New England (USA) has its roots in the Midwest. All the way from Columbus, Ohio, John E Wilde brings the homegrown Midwest hard rock and southern fried side. Growing up on country music John E spread his wings and enjoyed styles from Detroit scene to the Nashville best from 1960 -1976. Around 1977 John E discovered the rockin sounds of Judas Priest, Ozzy and Black Sabbath. Other influences in his music were the southern styles of Skynerd, Hatchet, Blackfoot, and the over the top playing of Van Halen, Kiss, Nugent and Ozzy.

Dan D’Alessio “Double D”, hails from New England and brings a brash splash of the New York Punk scene and bad boy rock reminiscent of the Ramones and Motley Crue. Dan also enjoys trying to press the limit so that fans can here favorable changes in the music but have a warm feel and a place to let out the aggression from their youth.

The General, Gerry Sayong, hails from the west coast. This San Francisco native is well versed in all heavy rock styles from Pat Boon, Elvis to Five Finger Death Punch. This seasoned pro has catapulted BST and has laid the foundation that makes BST a force to be reckoned with. The ‘Monsters of Rock’ genre has a new player.

The band’s first official full length release is the “The Storm”. Released in May of 2013 The Storm, shows the diversity and commitment to fun party rock with a purposeful foundation in musicianship.

Say what you will about the 80’s, but it did bring forth some great hard rock. And that is exactly the era Blindside Thunder so perfectly captures on this album. The band debuts its album while the era of hard rock is polluted with Death Metal, Black Metal, Stoner Rock, Thrash Metal and Nu Metal, to name just a few of the sub-genres doing the rounds.

But Blindside Thunder is different, in true old-school fashion; they sound like a pure hard-rock dream team that just walked out of the genre’s finest era. The resulting music is a full-throttle, unapologetic rock album, brimming with the same party attitude and sense of fun that made 80’s rock so legendary.

Here’s another case of where the whole ends up being much greater than the sum of its three parts. These guys are having fun and the lyrics and music reflect that. As you listen to the album, each member clearly has his own moments, but none seem extraneous, they are always within the context of the song.

One thing to understand about the album “The Storm”, is that this is one hard rocking album. This brings back a Hard Rock sound that has been lost for so many years. The album is a blend between nostalgia and modern rock, but really fun and refreshing because we haven’t gotten anything like this in a while. The mixing of rock styles, while all the rage in young bands, are rarely incorporated in such a powerfully raw and eclectic manner.

These guys sound like they just want to play music and they do it honestly! This leads to awesome tunes for the honest rocker. Check out “Dream Girl”, “My Baby Loves To Dance”, “Take Me Down”, “Slow Hard And Steady” and “Blue Agave” to grab a taste of what I mean.

In the last 20 years there has been very little in the way of hard-driving pure rock and roll. Sure you’ve had some alternative rock that’s been awesome and some great grunge and metal bands – but no-one has delivered an album of head banging, turn it up and blast out the neighbors kind of rock and roll…until the release of “The Storm” by Blindside Thunder!



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