ELIJAH ROCKET: Sophisticated Rhythms and Harmonies That Go Beyond Pop Radio Favorites

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Elijah Rocket’s collection of songs has a solid upbeat tone set into motion by the track “Serenity”, right from the beginning, followed by a variety of other modern, yet retro sounding rock-style songs. Most of the songs are driven by thumping bass-lines and Elijah’s sandpaper vocals. I challenge anyone who hears these songs, not to feel something stir inside or to make them want to move…ride… run…or just do something…anything! This entire album grooves hard.

On top of it all, Elijah Rocket has an incredibly distinctive voice. If you could mix Bon Jovi’s rough tones with the Jackson Browne’s lyrical cadence, you’ll be getting close to what I’m talking about. Even the music sits somewhere between the aforementioned artists; it rocks, but it’s melodic, with some awesome lyrics to match the tunes.

Elijah Rocket is a pseudonym, as this talented performer prefers to remain anonymous, enjoying a very private personal life. The name “Elijah Rocket” was chosen in homage. It’s the actual name of a very real 16-year-old nonverbal autistic teenager that loves this band’s music.

Elijah’s compositions, comprise all the necessary elements, to hypnotize any listener. It’s electric, acoustic, slow, fast, soft, loud, but most importantly its deep and draws from a variety of influences. You can even hear all of these elements together in only one song “Peacemaker”, an arrangement that explores the entire aural spectrum in 3 minutes and 38 seconds.

The one thing present throughout Elijah’s songs is some of the most creative and nicest drum and bass work I’ve heard in while. This being a one-man project, Elijah Rocket sings and plays all the instruments himself, except for the drum parts, which are usually performed by session drummers, who are available at the moment of recording.

What can you say about these compositions? Finely crafted, and painstakingly original; this is the real thing, unlike the revisionism which has been happening in recent times. Elijah’s vocals are right-on and most tracks carry a solid, driving, back-beat. That isn’t to say that they all rock loudly and relentlessly, instead they have a persistent groove that make-up a great mix of very listenable songs.

Tune-in to standouts like “Independence Day”, “Hoss-The Lone Ranger”, “Peacemaker”, “Soldier”, “LadyFriend”, “Sheeple”, and “Weep” to appreciate Elijah Rocket’s songwriting and performing talents. In particular, “Independence Day” and “Sheeple”, present pop-rock arrangements that are catchy and in a class of their own. I could imagine these tracks put into the hands of a record producer like Ethan Johns (Kings Of Leon, Ryan Adams, Ray La Montagne etc.) and then maybe mastered by Bob Ludwig (Nirvana, Tool, Bruce Springsteen etc.). This would definitely give Elijah Rocket’s sound, a lift into the stars.

However, it’s really hard to locate a low point, as all the songs are memorable, as well as having sophisticated rhythms and harmonies that go way beyond the pop radio favorites. They are uniform in their lyrical honesty (and sometimes, brilliance) as well as being compelling musically. The songs run the gamut of brooding, thought-provoking, uplifting, lyrical and emotional, with a huge variety of musical styles to keep you listening.

Overall the latest single “Serenity”, as well as Elijah’s complete collection of tracks are brilliant and uplifting work by a talented songwriter, with one of the most distinctive voices around. I find it hard to imagine that you will not be impressed by Elijah Rocket.



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