FreePeople: The Emphasis Is All On Expression!

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The group known as “FreePeople” was originally formed by four friends, Jeremy Nelson, Vic Gardenhire, Timothy Fiddes, and Nhoj Solares, in 2010. In late 2012, Vic Gardenhire left the group due to family obligations. In 2013, Tim Fiddes left the group due to irreconcilable conflict amongst group members. Though with only two members; Jeremy Nelson (Drums, Vocal, Keys, Writer, Producer) and Nhoj Solares (Keys, Vocals, Saxophone, Writer, Co-Producer), FreePeople has continued to thrive on.

Jeremy Nelson, the Drummer/Producer for FreePeople offered the following, “We love music! Music is our way of life. Our expressions, feelings, emotions, happiness, success, failures, passion, energy, strengths, weaknesses, devotion, and love all come out when we record. Just like an athlete leaves everything he has got on the playing field, we leave everything we have got in the studio.”


FreePeople is pretty amazing and enjoyable from start to finish. It’s not very often that a band has the ability to create an array of songs that are all so good, and yet so different from one another. Each song has something uniquely stimulating about it, and the stories in this band’s songs can be related to by the listener in some way or another. Their strong and diverse collection includes songs with Hiphop, R&B, Pop and Rock influences.

FreePeople’s emotions explode through the vocals and musical accompaniment in the strong slow burners “Final Answer”, “Love Song” and “Never Meant To,” which pull right at the heart. “Final Answer” is particularly intoxicating, urgent, and hypnotic, to the point that it’s impossible to resist. The lyrics consist of very few repeating lines, but the emphasis is all on expression. In the hands of a competent marketing team, this has worldwide hit written all over it. “Light It Up” and “Hustle Hard” are just two more powerhouse songs that rock on the FreePeople catalog, and show off this great band’s versatility.

Just as unique as each song they create, this band is extraordinary. Not only are the lead vocals and harmonies so unbelievably beautiful with the lead singer’s incredible vocal range; but also the instrumental accompaniment of Freepeople’s music, perfectly accents each and every song. This band is extremely talented; I can’t wait to watch them get bigger, but I’m terrified as I often am, that indie talent like this hardly gets the chance to be backed by the big bucks necessary to promote and push it to the very top.

Freepeople offer an instantly pleasing sonic experience with accessible tunes and lyrics. The vocals are moving to the point that they cut through your heart, while the infectious melodies linger sweetly in your head for hours after you’ve turned your iPod off.

In a word, these guys rock! Their music is vibrant, the lyrics are excellent, and the vocals are superb. Freepeople is just a class act, and one of the best all-round new groups I have had the pleasure of reviewing this year!



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