Gisele Anthony: Simply Inspiring and Deserving!

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Gisele Anthony is a vocalist, songwriter and storyteller. She is a native New Yorker now residing in South Carolina. Gisele is scored in elements of Soul, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Gospel, World and Classical music to create the symphony of her music. She is a vocal arranger, studio vocalist, and video conceptualist. Gisele has also worked in the genre of musical theater. Her voice has been called, soothing, hypnotic, smooth, fierce and ageless.

My first impression of Gisele was obtained through a video interview I watched on Youtube. This occurred even before I took the opportunity to hear one single word she sings. Three words quickly came to my mind after watching the video interview; ‘Woman, Artist, Diva’!

I then flew right over to her website, to hear her sing. My, oh my, was I right! Now each of you would probably put the order of the three above-mentioned words – ‘Woman, Artist and Diva’, into your own personal order, but you could never describe Gisele Anthony perfectly without actually including ALL of those three words.


Few female artists, except Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone…and then maybe Mary J. Blige, to mention one of today’s artists who come to mind, could be described in the same way for me. Your Rihanna’s, and Beyonce’s etc., are certainly sexy, sassy, extraordinarily talented, and super successful to say the least, but they don’t completely encompass certain elements that make up the ‘Woman, Artist and Diva’ aura. I personally call it the ‘WAD’ factor.

Without really knowing it Gisele Anthony actually describes some of those very elusive elements, when she explains the message behind her music. She calls it the “G” Factor, not for Gisele, but for what she hopes to share with the world in Goodness, Grace, Giving, and Guidance.

If there is justice in the world, Giselle’s latest releases should definitely introduce her to a much larger audience and bring her a truckload of success. There is, no doubt, that she pours all of her considerable vocal and songwriting talents into her work.

All of the tracks I heard are outstanding, my favorites include “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”, a triumph of writing, Gisele’s trademark forceful vocal performance, the brilliantly rhythmic musical arrangement, and extraordinary background harmony accompaniment; “Choices,” is another brilliantly orchestrated track with its funky jazz rhythms; the poetically beautiful “Sometimes”; “All I Ever Wanted,” an inspiring, toe-tapping faith-healing message to all ; plus the double treat of the slow burner “Know…Never Alone” and the soulful rhythms of “Free”.

There are not enough superlatives that can be heaped upon Gisele Anthony’s collection of songs. Not only does her music stand on its own two feet where topics, vocals and lyrics are concerned, but the production is certainly epic, where independent releases are concerned. Gisele’s music has the ‘big label’ sound and arrangements incorporated.

Listening to Gisele Anthony is like overhearing a very personal, heartfelt conversation between good friends. She brings nothing but straight up soulful music to the table, which is hard to ignore. God creates everyone with a purpose and passion, and when Gisele sings – you get the impression that music is why she was put here on this earth. There seems to be nothing fake or manufactured about her performances. She is simply inspiring and deserves any success or accolades that may come her way.

For me Gisele represents the ultimate ‘Woman, Artist and a Diva’…and you can put that in any order you want!

Gisele Anthony
Gisele Anthony


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