“I Can’t Feel My Face” Ft Cha$a – Flylyfe Swagga is coming with more of a purpose on this single

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After “Bend It Ova” Produced by Kid Flash  and “Jiggle It” featuring J Vicious and Ys Jholmes, Flylyfe Swagga shows why his one of the hardest working rappers around. Quickly following –up those successes with his latest musical adventure, “I Can’t Feel My Face” Ft Cha$a.

Flylyfe Swagga’s new single is his most consistent out of the 3. The first 2 were straight dope, but this one here is his best. His got some fire production and you can hear the maturity in the song. It feels like Flylyfe is coming with more of a purpose on this single.

Flylyfe speaks for the streets, for the people who roll around smoking and for the people who want to bang some fire music while rolling round the hood.

You can bang “I Can’t Feel My Face” Ft Cha$a in your car, chill out and listen or blast it in a club. Flylyfe Swagga has always been known for outstanding beat selection and catchy hooks, and on his previous singles he seemed to favor great style over substance.  However, here, Flylyfe kills it! Over and above his talent to spit rhymes with great rhythm and flow, his story telling ability has improved significantly since his last offering; yet again offering a further evolution to his already deft rapping style.

To sum it up, on “I Can’t Feel My Face” Ft Cha$a,  Flylyfe Swagga’s flow is tighter this time around, his lyrics more potent, and his focus much more clearer!


FlyLyfe Swagga a.k.a youngdon originates from New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a southern hiphop/rap style, and knows how to rock the crowd when he performs on stage. From club anthems to conscious music, this Southern artist is truly unique and versatile.  FlyLyfe Swagga got his start at the age 16 and had his first performance at the Howling Wolf, at the age of 22. Regarded as a veteran in the game, he has truly started from the bottom. At one point FlyLyfe Swagga lost his love for hiphop and became a manager, helping other artists in the game, but through friends pushing him to get back, he couldn’t resist staying away from the mic for too long.

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