Klassik: “YRP – Young Rising Phenoms” The Attitude Is Creative And Innovative!

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Klassik, Wisconsin Area Music Industry’s Rap/Hip Hop Artist of 2013, debuts his new LP entitled YRP – Young Rising Phenoms available at www.iamklassik.com. YRP spawned the hot new single and music video, Boogie, which has been featured on major music blogs such as The Source and Ruby Hornet.

Klassik releases YRP one year following his well-received 2012 LP, In The Making, which earned him recognition as Radio Milwaukee’s Artist of the Year. Klassik collaborated with other rising artists in both Milwaukee and Chicago such as Lili K, B~Free, Mr. Wilder and THEM People to help shape the sound of YRP.

The project begins with the song Haunts Me, an instrumental tribute to his deceased father that introduces an intimate yet assertive story about his time as artist of the year. But the album also evokes a heartfelt sentiment on Mothership, which is an ode to Klassik’s mother and her support through both his triumphs and downfalls. Overall, YRP demonstrates the inability to categorize Klassik’s music and the importance of masterful songwriting.

If you’re tired of having to wait years between decent hip hop albums that you can listen to, absorb and get something new from, every time you listen to it. If you long for the mid 90’s, when, in my opinion, hip hop was at its prime. Then folks, this album embodied that spirit of innovation that made you fall in love with hip hop.

There is always a battle within the hiphop industry between being all about the cash or being all about the art. We know whose been winning that battle. Characters like Jay-Z and Mase came in, and cashed in, with unoriginal, recycled productions a la Puff.

Recognize that Klassik delivers some of the best indie hip hop contributions ever, with some of the most memorable verses put on digital. And the production is fresh and original, as opposed to the predictable, mass- patented beat manipulations doing the rounds, and that have grown tiresome. Klassik’s attitude is creative and innovative. He is representing  what we lost with the commercilal and mainstream evolution of the rap industry.


All across the ten-tracks that make up, YRP (Young Rising Phenoms), the production uses the voices more creatively, often harmonizing and singing. But the real treat of this album that makes it stand apart from Klassik’s previous works is the beat production. This album has a very smooth and focused urban tone, yet still maintaining some of the organic textures heard on his “In The Making” album.

YRP (Young Rising Phenoms) is probably one of the most complete hip-hop albums released during 2013. Each beat is original and carries a different element that makes it unique from the others. It is full of metaphors and intelligent writing that leaves you thinking of inner meanings but at the same time enjoying the, soulful, jazzy, vibrant and fresh sounds. If you’ve been listening to hardcore hip hop and just realized that all of it is the same, and are looking for a more intelligent album that comes from the soul, grab this beauty.

Songs like This Is That New Feat. Lili K”, “Overload”, “Light”, “What Do I Know Feat. B-Free” and “Head Gone Feat. Mr. Wilder”, will send your mood soaring and it’ll leave you wondering why you bother listening to anything else. This effort by Klassik is a creative, rich and engaging listen.

YRP (Young Rising Phenoms)  is truly a timeless piece of work!



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