Mick Motto & Alice Eva: ‘Keep It In The Dark’ Introducing a Laid-Back, Melancholy Pop-Rock Sound

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The Copenhagen duo, Mick Motto & Alice Eva, release their debut single, Keep It In The Dark, on October 28, 2013, introducing a laid-back, melancholy pop-rock sound. Mick Motto’s (vocal, guitar and synth) deep voice creates a unique solidarity with Alice Eva’s  soft and dreamy voice, and if you think the two performers sound familiar, it’s not a coincidence, because they also performed together on, ”Mirror Mirror”, a single from the Copenhagen music-hybrid, MINK (MINK feat. Alice Eva),  in the spring of 2012.

The debut single ”Keep It In The Dark” which is followed up with a video on YouTube, radio promotion, press and marketing primarily in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK and USA, is absolute genius. While American pop has taken itself on a twisted road of obscure lyrics and incessantly repetitive melodies, Mick Motto & Alice Eva music takes an entirely different direction and lands exactly where pop should be; simple crunchy guitar riffs, great melodic chords, and powerful vocals.

”Keep It In The Dark” has a haunting, soulful melody that slowly draws you in. It is beautiful, masterfully crafted, heart-felt pop music. The kind that does not require fickle mind images, but rather builds on emotion. It simply feels perfectly balanced and very well done. The fascinating single features the interaction and chemistry between the diverse voices of Mick and Alice, setting the stage for maybe a great album to come in the near future!

It’s the balance of light and dark that makes the track great to listen to. Mick’s dark and foreboding tones and Alice’s crystal clear declaration which is inspirational. Somewhere near the end everything comes together in harmony. The musical arrangement seems mathematically perfect, as the song follows regular patterns where the notes are just where you would expect them to be. And that’s what makes them stick in your mind for endless periods!

Some think this makes a song simple, but it takes a genius to write songs like this. The idea of bands writing and performing their own material has become a lost art. Almost every single pop act out there is pre-packaged, drenched with Auto-tune and often drastically overproduced. To their credit, Mick Motto & Alice Eva show that they have a knack for constructing a perfect pop tune, with vocals that are authentic, powerful, and poignant; resulting in a track that is very hard to resist to.

As far as I am concerned, this is just the beginning for Mick Motto & Alice Eva. There will eventually be more singles and albums to ultimately confirm how talented this duo really is.

”Keep It In The Dark” was recorded at Medley Studios Copenhagen & MINK Studios – Produced By Søren Mikkelsen, Medley Studios Copenhagen, mixed by Mick Motto & Søren Mikkelsen – Mastered by Søren Mikkelsen – Label: NeedleEye Music.



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