Mon-Ami: ELETRIFYING a True Young Artist Who Holds Nothing Back

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Mon-Ami, born Monique Charlotte Shippen, is an Australian singer/songwriter. She’s had various training since the age of 4 for dance, acting, piano, voice and guitar. Her singing and acting has been affirmed with her numerous awards including first place at the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod, Ryde Eisteddfod and other talent quests.

Her experience includes many musical performances involving the productions ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’, ‘Noah’s Ark’, ‘Annie’, ‘Les Miserables’ and she has also been a dedicated member of the St. Mary’s Cathedral Voices and Monte Singers.

Mon-Ami started songwriting when she was 14. She was accepted into a 12 week songwriting course with X-Factor and Australian Idol vocal coach, Erana Clark. After writing 5 tracks together, Mon-Ami continued to compose music and lyrics in her own time. She is studying for a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Contemporary Music and is now looking for a solo career.  Mon-Ami has released her single “Electrifying” which is accompanied by a video on YouTube to show-off her talents.

Pop stands for popular and I believe Mon-Ami with her catchy pop sound on “Electrifying” could become very popular in the coming months. The single is very radio friendly and has a really catchy chorus and verses riddled with hidden connotations and suggestions making it a very effective and cool song for the exuberant youth movement.

Mon-Ami is a leggy brunette, who besides being a singer-songwriter is also a model. Translated, this means that she’s able to throw out melodic hooks, hot gazes and sassy body movements that could catch even the coldest, meanest shark in the water. She has catchy songs, a great face, and cheeky lyrics. It’s a winning formula in pop music.

“Electrifying” is a veritable pop masterpiece, in its construction and execution. It follows the formula and nails it perfectly. Most pop is by definition disposable. Not in Mon-Ami’s case, however, as she wades through her verses and choruses on this single as well as on “Run Away” and “Headache” with high-energy, sexy wit and depth, seeking to stake her claim in the upcoming pop music annals.

However, as so often occurs with female pop artists, due to the fact that the lyrics to “Electrifying” are crisp, witty and genuine. The music bright and foot-tapping memorable and the masterful studio production by A2, we tend to forget that Mon-Ami actually wrote the song; adding yet another feather to her cap!

Putting together all the facts it’s easy to ascertain that Mon-Ami is a great example of a true young artist who holds nothing back and brings a fresh energy to an increasingly self-absorbed and clichéd music scene.



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