Nutronic: “Seekers” Invites Exploration!

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Nutronic is an electronic music outfit and studio project consisting of Anglo-American duo, Jeremy Strickland and Nick Dyson. Their eclectic blend of styles and genres give Nutronic its diverse sound. On “Seekers“, Nutronic’s first mini-album, the duo blend electronic music with rock, drawing on the influences of A Perfect Circle, Muse, Radiohead, Nero, and Pendulum.

The blend of styles, stellar guitar work of Nick Dyson, resonating lyrics and beautiful haunting vocals by front man Jeremy Strickland, set a unique sound of their own, and form the groundwork for the melancholic journey that is “Seekers”.


Believe the hype on this album, because it literally does break down genres for an absolute head rush of sound. If you’re a fan of DNB mixed with rock, and you’re annoyed that you haven’t heard anything good in the last few years, here is the answer to your prayers!

“Seekers” delivers seven highly charged tracks to melt your player. Twisting lead synths, augmented growling bass, rousting guitar riffs, hard hitting drums and rock-induced vocals, all of which are well-managed by catchy song structures. There’s a lot of personality in the driving rhythms and host of electro effects.

This music is good for work, dancing, chilling, cruising…you name it. Playing back and forth between the sounds made for great dialectics and long listening quality, it becomes clear that Nutronic has a winner here.

Being a fan of Pendulum, “Seekers” actually took me by surprise, and I’m rather glad it did. Each track is refreshingly different from the next, but equally as powerful. From delicate soundscapes to thumping anthems, Nutronic has certainly outdone themselves by completely deciphering the hypnotic Pendulum formula, yet without mimicking them in any way!

Right from the album opener, “Atlas” to the closer, “Hanging On” and just about everything else in between, what we have is a rare treat of very high quality music that rocks the senses and doesn’t tire the ears. The album covers all the electro-rock and DNB action you could want with deep grinding synths to phasing warbles, while holding a feast of tunes, melodies and harmonies.

It is hard not to become engaged in the aural world “Seekers” creates. Just put on your headphones and become immersed. With elements of DNB, rock and even pop, the album will cater to a large fan base.

After several days of listening, this album gets consistently better. They make all the elements of their sound blend together wonderfully, and even though “Seekers” is a mix bag of genres rolled into one, Nutronic make it blend seamlessly.

Should you get it? Yes, you should! The sound that Nutronic have crafted throughout the album invites exploration.  It will definitely be an exciting new addition to your music collection!



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