Richard Murray: “Borealis” A Perfect Mix Of Poetry And Sound

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Irish-born singer/songwriter Richard Murray is back with his upcoming album “Borealis”, which is scheduled to be released on the 6th of May.  Award winning Murray had a rave review from us, the last time with his album “Desert Wind”. But everybody knows that it’s always harder the second time around, when you need to confirm your talent. On “Desert Wind” the poetic songwriter successfully captured the emotional highs and lows on each song, with perfectly intense executions. So just how does Murray do this time around?

Continuing his journey through Americana, Heartland Rock, Alternative Country and Folk-Rock sounds, on “Borealis” Richard Murray not only confirms his predestination as an exceptional music artist, but he goes way above. Few, and I mean a very few, if not just a handful of artists, major label or indie, in his genre, can hold a candle to Richard Murray’s performances and musical creations.

Charisma, honesty, and plain raw talent ooze relentlessly from every pore of his musical body. A perfect mix between the poetry of Bob Dylan, the vocal and melodic expression of Jackson Browne, and the sparkling arranging capacity of Dave Matthews, Richard Murray propels “Borealis” into a realm of superiority.

As is experienced from track one, the music is very well played, tastefully arranged, and well produced, with a nice organic sound overall. At times the songs rock with upbeat tempos and at others it harkens back to Murray’s folksier roots like on “Out On The Rolling Sea”.  This collection of songs, are among his most meaningful and best produced. Since the previous album, Murray’s music isn’t so much changing as it is growing more expansive. Just listen to the intense rhythms on “I Knew You’d Understand” or the steadfast vocal melody over a prominently jangling guitar on “Rag and Bone” to appreciate the depth, of what on the surface appears to sound like a only subtle evolution.

Lyrically, Murray is creative and poetic without ever being pretentious. The subject of his songs are traveling farther and reaching deeper on each new release, while his wide-ranging voice continues to produce intense emotions. I continue to deem Murray’s work as being devastatingly hypnotic, and find it hard to resist to songs like “A Human Race” and “For The Miles”, notwithstanding the fact that they belong to completely opposite sides of the sound spectrum.

“Borealis” is an album that will grow on you with each listen, and there’s a lot to listen to here. The album presents Richard Murray in brilliant form; as he continues to pen some of the most intelligent, clever and insightful song lyrics around, backed by a well-crafted assortment of heartfelt and accessible musical arrangements.

So before you spend your hard-earned pennies on some overrated piece of junk keep them in your pocket until mid-May, and remember this album: “Borealis” by Richard Murray. It may just be the best buy you make this year!



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