Skip Martin Presents Dr Dance “Can You Whine” feat Prince Ama & Galaxxy Quuen

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“Can You Whine” is the first single from the full album entitled, SKIP MARTIN presents DR. DANCE “The Dr. Dance Project”. Who is SKIP MARTIN and Dr. BRUCE TOPPER?

SKIP MARTIN, is a Grammy Award Winner, and former lead singer of Kool & the Gang as well as lead singer of the Dazz Band, who together with Dr. BRUCE TOPPER, a practicing radiologist, have created an alter ego named Dr. Dance that produces danceable music. This musical crusade is to bring awareness to obesity and childhood diabetes through dancing.

If you are wondering…”Is this track good?” Or if you should buy it or not; well let me tell you, buy this single! Apart from funding a great deed, you will rock, glide and groove from the first bar to the last.

Dr. Dance together with guests, Prince Ama and Galaxy Quuen, expresses the heart and soul of Caribbean life and tongue-in-cheek sexuality in this track. Their style echoes classic dancehall refrains while keeping up to date with the latest trends in the dub and club world.

drdance-300If you like Dance Hall, you need “Can You Whine”! I can’t even describe how tight this track’s musical arrangement is. However, this track can easily satisfy any dance music lover and unexpectedly grab casual listeners into its clutches too.

Dr. Dance realizes a fusion of the spirit and the flesh, the smooth and the rough, of wisdom and raw impulse. Setting lyrics and vocals of  joy, exuberance and insight against an infectious dance beat, smothered in  dancehall roots.

Full of power and poise, Dr. Dance create their own style of rap and dance blended with a twist of the Carribean. The vocal performances are powerful, and the production is unsurpassed. “Can You Whine” is a song that not only displays inspiration but also a vision.

To support the obesity awareness and childhood diabetes cause, please download “Can You Whine” available on the following links  iTunesAmazon and CD Baby.

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