Yuck Fu: “Ninjas Everywhere” Explosive With Excellent Variance!

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Yuck Fu aka Yusuki Fukumoto was born in 1988 in the snow-capped shadow of the iconic Mt Fuji in the city of Fuefuki, Japan. After studying classical composition at Tokyo University of the Arts, he then travelled to Europe to further his musical education. Finally settling in Paris, he was discovered by Grand Fromage Productions (GFP) whilst playing in a variety of underground late night sushi bars.

His eclectic influences range from Debussy to Yoko Ono and include L.M.F.A.O, Daft Punk,  Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, Jason Desrouleaux,  The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy, Pendulum,  Lil Wayne, Kayne West, Flo Rida and Steve Aoki.


Yuck Fu has just dropped the single and accompanying music video, “Ninjas Everywhere”. If you like melody and seriously foot tapping hooks, this is your track. Full-on classy, nasty beats, atmospheric, and very clever to match.

I listen to tons of music daily both in the studio and for reviewing. It takes something very special to get me excited in the electronic music world. “Ninjas Everywhere” is something special; heavy, intricate, daring, cheeky, fun, catchy, and just downright brilliant. The overall sound is huge, cinematic and makes you want to dance like crazy.

There is excellent variance in the rap and vocal parts, atmospherics, styles, synths and just so many unexpected elements thrown into the mix. This is L.M.F.A.O meets Daft Punk, down at the club for a full-on mix-out at midnight!

This is the most explosive, song and video coupling I’ve heard and seen in a long time. The creativity blew my head off!  Once you feed your senses with this, you can’t help but get up and dance wildly! If you must do something this week go over to iTunes and buy this single, you will not be let down!

I hope more artists take the lead from this and become less afraid to creatively experiment with a genre that has so much untapped potential. Nice one Yuck Fu and Grand Fromage Productions!

“Ninjas Everywhere” is also showcased with an awesome video for the song, featuring cameo appearances by David Guetta and Prince William!






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