Zach Caruso: “Shades Of Blue” Real Depth and Maturity

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With more than 10 years of experience, Zach has opened for national acts, and played at some of the East Coast’s top venues including World Café Live, The Trocadero Theatre, and Hard Rock Café in Philadelphia, The Stone Pony in New Jersey, Webster Hall in New York, and The Grand Opera House in Delaware. In addition, he has had his music featured on radio stations such as 93.3 WMMR and Gashouse Radio in Philadelphia, as well as a live performance on Ocean 98.1 FM in Ocean City, Maryland. In addition to his musical endeavors, Zach also has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, and his Master’s Degree in writing.

Zach Caruso’s latest album “Shades Of Blue” was recorded at Morrisound Recording in Tampa,FL. The performers on the recordings include Zach Caruso (vocals/guitar), Brad Burge (drums) and Victor Caraballo (bass).

Containing seven tracks of Zach’s blues-rock and folk-based styles, what you really find on this album is some real depth and maturity. Let me say at the outset, that I appreciate this album, especially from the standpoint of where Zach is taking his ever-versatile vocals. He manages to navigate between the grit and the whisper, showing a strong penchant for emotion, which to me is the essence of music. It’s not so important how or what you are saying, but how much you believe in what you are saying, that eventually gets across to an audience. However, if like Zach, you are able to combine the lyrical components of meaning and expression, the end result is so much more satisfying.

Moreover it is heartening to see an artist follow what he really is. Most pop stars today are just glorified karaoke singers, who really have very little to do with the songs they sing; they are just mouthpieces for writers, producers and the rest of the record label machine. I recently watched an interview with one of the latest female megastars (I won’t mention her name for fear of embarrassment), where she bluntly admitted to having no musical talent (apart from her God-given vocal chords) or compositional skills, she just sang what was on the sheet of paper in front of her . I’ve listened to her stuff, and can guarantee that she wasn’t joking at all.

The reason why this album of “Shades Of Blue” is so different from many modern works is that Zach Caruso is expressing his own creations, so you’ll find more depth in an album like this, than in a megastore of what passes for popular music on the radio today.

Zach is an incredible songwriter and this album displays his ability to produce beautiful music in many styles. He switches easily from rock, to blues, to acoustic-folk, and back again, effortlessly. But the best thing about this “Shades Of Blue” is that it’s intimately Zach Caruso. Here we find the mature artist with something compelling, personal, and important of his own, to say!

At first listen, Zach Caruso sounds like he is singing from the gut, but he is actually doing it from the heart. Buy it now!



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