Opera Singer Makes YouTube History

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Recently, Jamsphere Magazine brought our attention to new music emerging on YouTube.  Marnie Breckeridge, the stunning Elizabeth Montgomery look alike who has swooned crowds from London to Prague, expands her repertoire from classic Bel Canto into a new and penetrating “lamentation” style of “Voce” that can only be described as “lame di falcetto” Italian for sickle blades.

This new penetrating sound, in which Breckenridge teamed up with Composer Thomas Schoenberger, is a moody, expansive vehicle for the singer, and in the short space of three months, over 3 million views on YouTube seem to cement the connection of singer to audience. Brenckenridge’s vocals are probing, mournful and leave the listener with an odd sense of having visited a holy place. The effect is further enhanced by the captivating montage of paintings from the famous Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, www.uffizi.org. The museum,aware of one of Marnie’s new video’s have declared the music video featuring Sandro Botticelli’s enigmatic “Annunciation” as “gloriously melodic” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0eeidrMxPk

Marnie Breckenridge’s website www.MarnieBreckenridge.com gives up -to date concert information on this amazingly talented soprano with a “new sound” Breckenridge’s YouTube channel can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/kundry20 and includes several more Schoenberger/Breckenridge collaborative compositions. Composer Thomas Schoenberger, until recently unknown, has a popular website and blog and can be viewed at www.thomasschoenberger.com or soon on the record label signing him, the respected Delos Music label known for representing world renowned classical artists www.delosmusic.com

Marnie Breckeridge
Marnie Breckeridge

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